Mayweather KOs Big Show & More From Wrestlemania 24

With a record breaking 74,635 on hand at the Citrus Bowl in Florida, the sports entertainment extravaganza known as Wrestlemania XXIV took place. HipHopDX was ringside to witness the festivities first hand as a heavy Hip Hop influence found its way into the sport of professional wrestling.

With the world patiently awaiting the high profile matchup between pound for pound boxing king Floyd "Money" Mayweather and the 7ft giant known as The Big Show, a series of entertaining matches took place in front of the thousands in attendance and the millions watching on Pay-Per-View.

John Legend kicked off the festivities by singing “America The Beautiful” in front of the sellout crowd and Hip Hop’s influence would manage to find its way into the evening.

Snoop Dogg would be the Master of Ceremonies for the "Bunnymania Lumberjack Match" that found Beth Phoenix and Melina defeating Playboy cover girls Maria and Ashley. But it would be Snoop who would get the last laugh as Maria’s ex boyfriend, Santino Marella, would find himself on the receiving end of a clothesline delivered by the Doggfather after the match ended. Never one to leave the ladies hanging, Snoop then proceeded to deliver lip service to Maria as the crowd roared in appreciation.

In a match that had the entire sports world curious, Floyd “Money” Mayweather found himself toe to toe with The Big Show in a match that would be decided by KO, pin fall or submission. Mayweather began the match forcing the gigantic challenger to chase him around the ring. It wouldn’t last long however as Big Show finally caught up to Mayweather and pummeled the 5’8”, 140lbs boxing champion. Mayweather’s posse also caught a beatdown as Show pounded through his entourage. After one of his handlers dragged the best boxer in the world from the ring, it seemed as if Team Mayweather would toss in the towel and head for the showers. Big Show cut them off before they could make it backstage and continued his assault on his smaller opponent. Show would wrap his hands around the tiny neck of the pint sized challenger but found himself on the receiving end of a swift kick below the belt by the champion. Mayweather would then wield a steel chair across the dome of the super sized Show and would finally finish him off with a brass knuckle assisted blow to the jaw. The referee counted Show out and thus made Mayweather victorious.

Kanye West Sued Over Song Good Life

Kanye West is facing legal action from a songwriter in Maryland, who has accused the star of stealing his hit song "Good Life." The "Stronger" hitmaker is being sued by songwriter/producer Dayna ’D’Mystro’ Staggs for copyright infringement, claiming West "didn’t obtain a license" to sample his record "Volume of Good Life" for the track.

In legal papers filed in Maryland District Court last week, Staggs goes on to state that West was "only at the age of six or seven years of age (sic)" when his song was written.

He has also objected to the "vulgar and offensive" images associated with the song, which featured on West’s third album Graduation, claiming it "harms the reputation" of his inoffensive tune.

Staggs is demanding 85 per cent of all world sales of the proceeds from "Good Life," although he fails to detail exactly how he arrived at that figure, reports

West is named alongside his various record labels, including his own G.O.O.D. Music and Shawn ’Jay-Z’ Carter’s in the lawsuit.

Mike Jones New Album Voice of The Streets

“I speak for the people,” Jones explains about his choice of album title. “Everybody whose voice is important in their community and the game, they consider themselves a voice. My voice is very relevant in this game. I let them know my voice is still being heard and listened to by people in the streets.” Mike Jones

Check out the lead single below. Drop and Gimme 50 featuring Hurricane Chris. "Voice of The Streets" features all new tracks.

DJ Smurf a.k.a. Mr. Collipark, producer for multiple Ying Yang Twins singles including “Wait (The Whisper Song)” collaborates with Jones on a few of his hot new songs, including the hypnotic first single, “Drop and Gimme 50” and the insanely catchy and hilarious MySpace-leaked joint, “Crunchin’ Munch.” On this classic weed cut, the South’s most lovable rhymesayer pays homage to the sweet snack he loves to eat while puffing.

Jones continues to flaunt his newfound success on “Anything But Broke,” produced by DJ Toomp (T.I., Kanye West). He serenades the ladies with the seductively sweet “Next To You,” crafted by J.R. Rotem (Snoop, Britney Spears), and beatsmiths Usual Suspects lace Jones with another ode to honeys, “Cuddy Buddy” featuring fellow Southern rap star Lil’ Wayne, Twista and a soulful hook from R&B artist T-Pain.

“I love the female songs,” shares Jones. “Mike Jones is one of many. I’m not nailed into one stereotype. Mike Jones can make all music. He’s not afraid to open up and let the world know who he is. I’m going to let you know the ups and downs of Mike Jones. Voice of the Streets is how I wanted my first album, Who Is Mike Jones ? to be. Now you can see my writing skills that I wrote for Lil’ Mo and LeToya Luckett. You will really be able to see another side to Mike Jones.

Despite the obvious odds stacked against him and the obstacles in his path, hip-hop’s hardest working MC overcame them all to become one of the most recognizable voices in rap music. “Nobody believed in me,” he tells. “They told me I couldn’t do it. I had to turn a negative into a positive. That’s what I did. I had to show the world that if you work and play and grind like me, you can turn any negative situation into a positive situation.”

Aided by a confident, charismatic flow, Mike Jones exploded onto the national scene in 2005 with his block-bending break out single, “Still Tippin’” and follow-up smash, “Back Then.” Introducing the world to Texas culture, Mike Jones went on to sell 1.5 million units of his Warner Bros/Asylum Records debut, Who Is Mike Jones ?

“I’m going to rep Houston forever,” he states. “We’ve always had the torch. The media just came and got on to what we were doing in 05’. We’ve been doing this for a long time, though”

Music isn’t the only scene Mike Jones has managed to infiltrate. He also runs two charity organizations, Ice Age for Kids and American Dream Foundation, and is the proud proprietor of one of Houston’s most popular nightclubs. “Club Ice Age gets celebrities in there every Sunday,” he says with pride. “Eva Pigford, Vivica Fox, Vida Guerra, Morris Chestnutt, Tracy McGrady and Meagan Good. You can see why I call myself the Mayor.”

G-Unit - Bottom Girl [Video]

The requisite Girl Song? You knew it was coming, especially after all those spunky videos.In the words of Soulbrotha, it looks like 50 is trying to mixtape the video industry.

Fabolous Talks New Concept Album, Britney Collab

The paint hasn't even dried on his last album or his latest mixtape [click here to listen...], but Fabolous is ready to embark on a new project. With a theme behind his next album, some plans to release a film-inspired joint, and some Jay-Z inspiration, Fab is ready to hit the booth.

"I usually go around and just get with producers I feel I wanted to work with. This time I'm going off a theme," he told MTV. "I'ma put a theme together and just go off of that theme. Sometimes producers get lost trying to figure out what they think is the best type of shit for Fab. [They say,] 'I got this commercial joint for you.' So what I'm doing now, I seen a movie I want to theme the album after. Even take certain lines, different scenes out of the movie and make music behind that. At the same time, I can have the producer check the movie out, and he'll have something he can take away from the movie and come back with some joints. I wanted to try that this time."

"What Jay-Z did [with American Gangster], he took that Frank Lucas character and put it in the frame of his Jay character. That's what I wanna do. I don't wanna say I that I'm actually the character, but take some of his scenarios or some things I went through and tell it in my tone."

DJ Toomp, Kanye West, Just Blaze and Polow Da Don are only a few of the producers Fab wants to take part in the album.

"I think it will make me a little faster for some reason... When I just go in with producer and just make music, I'm really going in. I don't know what they are gonna play me. I don't know what I'm gonna get off the beat. It's pretty much whatever comes up. But this time I watched the movie myself, wrote some things that stuck out in my head and tried to make songs off that. This time it should be easier. Well, not easier, but faster."

In between-time, Fab is also collaborating with many singers, including Britney Spears and Ne-Yo. "I didn't get to kick it with [Britney], but the people from her record label was on top of that...I don't know what condition Britney is in right now. Hopefully — more power to her — she'll get in a better space and position. Somebody needs to sit her down, let her know what the deal is," he said of the Pop paparazzi queen.

He also added that working with Ne-Yo gave him another Jay-Z inspired theme.

"I been telling him we need to do the Best of Both Worlds for young, fly niggas. I don't think [a clash of the egos] would happen with us. [We're] two good, humble brothers. If we make some great music, people would love it and the demographic we would hit ... It would be great for us too. I think we can pull off a Best of Both Worlds."

Common Defends Rev. Jeremiah Wright

As various media outlets continue to dissect Sen. Barack Obama's speech on race in America and the remarks from his former pastor that spawned the speech, Common is speaking in defense of Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. Excerpts from a sermon given the Sunday after the September 11 attacks in 2001 and another speech in 2003 have resulted in negative publicity for both the church and Sen. Obama, but Common feels that Wright is being misrepresented. reports that the rapper and actor was also raised in Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, and came to Rev. Wright's defense during a recent press junket.

"He never really was against white people or another race," says Common. "It was more against an establishment that was oppressing people. I think we all can see that this country has problems and a lot of it starts in the political system."

The 36-year-old Chicago native has been an ardent support of Sen. Obama, both making public appearances on behalf of his bid for the Democratic Presidential Nomination and mentioning him in his music. Common spoke in defense of Wright, in hopes that the attention his previous comments are drawing will not permanently damage Wright or Obama's legacy.

"What I picked up from the pews...was messages of love," adds Common. "Anything that was going on against that love he would acknowledge and expose. He's been a preacher that's helped raise one of the greatest political figures in the world, and hopefully, the next President. He's also raised one of the greatest rappers in the world."

Bobby Creek Talks Upcoming LP, Shady Records, Eminem

After appearing on several tracks on Shady Records' mixtape/album The Re-Up over a year ago, Bobby Creek has been seldom heard from. Recently, the Atlanta native with RealRapNewz at the A3C festival to discuss his current situation at Shady Records:

“Everything’s beautiful, man. Em’s working on his next project, and everybody’s getting’ geared up for that. So everything’s beautiful.” Creek continued, “I’ll say this…everybody over at that label takes music seriously. They’re perfectionists, and they understand that first impressions are everything. If our projects take a little longer than people would like, just know that we’re making impactful [sic] music so we can make the impression we need to make. The music is going to be worth it for the fans – the wait will be worth it.”

The rapper spoke on his upcoming projects as well. “I’m working on A Brilliant Mistake, Em is working on his LP, and we’re having talks about possibly doing a ‘Re-Up 2.’ My mixtape series Anthem 2 Da Streetz…volume 3 [is] coming out soon, sooner than everything else. Shady Records, we got a lot comin’. I can’t speak on everything because I don’t want to spoil the movie for ya’ll – this is a motion picture. There’s a lot to look forward to. D12, they’re working. Obie [Trice], he’s working. We’re all working.” As for a release date for his album, Creek offered only that the label is "pushing for a...fall release."

Finally, Bobby Creek addressed rumors about label head Eminem's supposed massive weight gain. “[There] must be two [Eminems], because the Em I just saw is in perfectly good shape. [I] saw him recently playing a pickup basketball game, so I don’t know much about the 250-pound Em; I missed that, I didn’t see that guy. No truth to those rumors whatsoever.”

“He’s focused, basically," said Creek of Eminem. "He understands he’s been away for a while, and that he’s got to come back that much harder. He’s focused – 110 percent. Y’all should expect that; he’s been away for a while, and he’s got a statement to make.”

Suge Knight's Reality Show Gets Trailer

The show appears to follow Knight in search of talent for his dwindling imprint. With a series of challenges, not unlike Diddy's Making The Band hit series on MTV, Knight and cohorts drill potential artists throughout Compton, Inglewood, Las Vegas and elsewhere on their merits to be down with the label that was deemed "untouchable" in 1996.

In recent years, both Death Row and Suge Knight have been skewered with controversy and financial shortcomings. The label filed for bankruptcy in 2006, since making the label's holdings under the control of a court-appointed board since. Besides 2004's Against Tha Grain by Kurupt, the label has ceased to release new, official material by a living artist with the label since 1998.

Although artists to the likes of Ray J, Petey Pablo and Juvenile have been claimed to be signed to the label in recent years, the last official artist confirmed with the label is Queens' Lakey Da Kid, who was deemed in 2005 to be the flagship artist of Death Row East, during the label's distribution deal with Koch Records.

There is no word as to where the reality show will air, or when. HipHopDX will keep you posted.

Photo of Jamal Woolard as Notorious B.I.G

Fox Searchlight has released this first official photo of Jamal "Gravy" Woolard as The Notorious B.I.G. for the January 16, 2009 biopic Notorious. Controvery has already started as well. According to a recent NY Times article, Woolard was in the running for the part months before the public casting call.

"Not part of the open call in New York in October, Mr. Woolard had been under consideration since November, and was quietly being groomed by the film’s director, George Tillman Jr., before being officially selected. “We set up a boot camp for three months just for him,” Mr. Tillman said from New York, where he is preparing to begin production with Robert Teitel, his partner in State Street Pictures.

Pacific Division - Paper [Video]

Directed by Jason Madison.This is kinda dope for a video that was shot in a one-room efficiency.

Reporter Stands By 2Pac Shooting Story

The LA Times reporter who wrote a story alleging that Sean “Diddy” Combs and Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace orchestrated a nearly fatal shooting of Tupac Shakur [click here to read feature...] is standing his ground.

Utilizing FBI testimony and anonymous firsthand accounts, Chuck Phillips’ article tells a story of how the two—along with Czar Records founder Jimmy Rosemond—planned the shooting at New York’s Quad Studios to, according to MTV, “punish Shakur for disrespecting them and rejecting their business overtures and, not incidentally, to curry favor with Combs.”

Diddy has dismissed the story, saying that him and B.I.G. had no knowledge of the attack, and that “It is a complete lie to suggest that there was any involvement by Biggie or myself.” He continued, “I am shocked that the Los Angeles Times would be so irresponsible as to publish such a baseless and completely untrue story."

But MTV reports that in an online chat, Phillips defended his article, and reiterates points made in a previous piece he wrote that says Biggie and Diddy were in Vegas at the time of Tupac’s murder in the same city.

Phillips said that it hasn’t been proven that Biggie wasn’t in Vegas, because documents that were supposed to prove he was in New York have either been unreleased or unverified.

“I have since learned that federal officials conducted interviews in Las Vegas to determine whether Wallace was present,” he said. “My sources were there and say he and other east coast figures were in Las Vegas on the night the Southside Crips killed Tupac."

Phillips also said that he wasn’t originally pursuing the Quad Studios story, but that he “stumbled” on the story after discovering the names of Pac’s assailants while working on a different story. This is the first of a total of three more stories that Phillips claims he has coming by the end of the year. While he hasn’t said what they’re about, one of them is believed to be a report on who’s responsible for the shooting death of Biggie.

No Royalites For Young Buck

Although rumors of an alleged reunion with former G-Unit member The Game, a return to Cash Money Records and a perceived failure to participate in a few rivalries have caused his loyalty to be questioned, Young Buck has maintained several times that he is loyal to G-Unit. It appears that the loyalty may not be returned on the financial front. In a recent interview with, the Nashville rapper reveals that while touring with G-Unit is lucrative, he has never received a royalty check from Interscope or G-Unit.

"I'm the only artist on G-Unit that ever recouped off of an album, meaning I went off on this Buck The World project not owing Interscope and G-Unit shit," Buck explains. "I can say that much. I'm still waiting on a royalty check, period. I've never seen a royalty check since I've been signed with G-Unit. So, hell yeah, I'll tell you one damn thing, the show money is that good. I've never in my career cashed a royalty check. How you like that?"

The amounts G-Unit and Interscope spent on promoting both Straight Outta Cashville and Buck The World have not been made public. However, during a February interview with HipHopDX, Buck did admit he wasn't thrilled with the amount spent marketing and promoting his projects.

"I did feel there were a few things Interscope could've done [better] as far as marketing my project," adds Buck. "You know, getting me a little better of a budget as far as videos and stuff."

Straight Outta Cashville was certified by the RIAA as having over 1 million copies sold as of January of 2005. Buck also tells HipHopDX that, according to Nielsen SoundScan, Buck The World has sold over 500,000 copies since its release. Additionally, the G-unit album Beg For Mercy, which Young Buck contributed to, has certified sales of over 2 million copies. Representatives from both G-Unit and Interscope have yet to respond to the claims.

My Albums Out: Flo Rida

For Tramar “Flo Rida” Dillard, this is all a dream. When I first ran across dude last June during an interview with Rick Ross in New York City, he was clad in a black promo tee with the name of his debut album, Mail on Sunday, scrawled across the back. But with little more than an underappreciated regional hit “Birthday” (as in, “I don’t want no cake on my birthday/I want my cake e’ryday”) and a mild co-sign from Ross (he inked Flo Rida to a deal through his Poe Boy imprint last year), he was hardly guaranteed a spot in the upper echelon of the South—let alone a slot in VIBE’s coveted NEXT section.

Almost ten months and one ground-breaking record later, Flo Rida, 29, is a certified star. His first single, “Low,” featuring T-Pain, was a Billboard No. 1 record for ten weeks straight and is currently the top-selling digital single of all-time with over 3 million sold, topping former champion Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em and his smash hit “Crank That.” His Timbaland-produced second single “Elevator,” which has already impacted radio and MTV, looks poised to make the same rise. He’s performed on The Ellen Degeneres Show, swapped verses with Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe and Lil Wayne and landed on the soundtrack for Step Up 2 the Streets, one of this spring’s most popular teen flicks.

But the climb to the top from down bottom isn’t over for Flo Rida. With Rick Ross’s Trilla (Def Jam) reportedly claiming the throne as the top-selling album last week, Flo needs to look no further than his own camp to find the competition. On the eve of the release of his debut, Mail on Sunday (Poe Boy/Atlantic), Flo spoke with about stepping out of the shadow of The Boss and finally getting his chance to shine.

VIBE.COM: You know, when we first spoke last year, you were still on the come-up. You actually went outside and hailed a cab in the middle of Manhattan and no one flinched. I always thought that would be a good way to open up an interview with you…

FLO RIDA: [Laughs]

So, what’s changed with you since that time?

Man, it’s been crazy. I’m on an airplane almost everyday. People ask me how I stay in shape. Try going through a different airport once or twice a day. The biggest difference has been with the fans, though. I’m always signing autographs, things of that nature.

And performing a lot, I’m assuming?

Almost everyday, sometimes twice a day.

Still, some people are giving T-Pain all the credit for making “Low” such a big record. How do you plan on topping it with “Elevator”?

Well, first and foremost, I love music. I’ve got a great supporting cast around me, hot tracks and everything, so coming up with the follow-up record to “Low” wasn’t a problem at all. People around me know Timbaland. They gave him a call and we spent four days holed up in the studio. The following week, we shot the video and that was that. I’m always working in the studio thinking of new concepts and songs. I stay with ammunition!

Has Rick Ross sort of mentored you through the making of your first album and the fame that’s come along with having such a big first single?

Oh, definitely. He played a part in co-signing me. We went to the same high school and grew up in the same neighborhood [in Miami’s Carol City]. He’s taught me to have a great work ethic. Right now, I’m in the studio all the time just watching him. I’ve learned that in order to be a great leader, you have to be a great follower.

Ross has successfully transitioned from a potential one-hit wonder to a rapper with staying power. Are you intimidated by that?

I look forward to him having the #1 album in the country. It’s all about the movement down here. There’s no room for hate, man. [My album dropped] this week and we’re all just excited.

I hate asking these types of questions but I can’t figure out what your album title Mail on Sunday means. Can you explain?

Well, this record is like my special delivery for the fans. It’s not something you can get during the 6 regular mail delivery days. You need that extra day for your prized possessions. That’s Mail on Sunday.

Right. Anything else people should look out for from you this year?

Look forward to me trying to start my own label, doing some charity work and sharing my success with other people. Giving back is the best thing you can do once you make it. I’ve also got different people hitting me about acting. There were different directors on the set of the “Low” video shoot and they liked what they saw, the physique and all that. So look out for me in ’08!

Flo Rida’s Mail on Sunday (Poe Boy/Atlantic) hit stores March 18. The album features the hit singles “Low” and “Elevator” as well as guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Birdman, Trey Songz and For more information on Flo Rida, visit his MySpace page at

Papoose - Ride Out feat. C-Murder

Flipmode's Rampage Returns With New Songs, Album

Perhaps the most successful artist ever introduced by Busta Rhymes, Rampage struck gold, literally, with his 1997 Scouts Honor...By Way of Blood. In the years since leaving behind his major label deal at the now defunct Elektra Records, the Philadelphia-based emcee and businessman laid low, most notably releasing 2006's comeback Have You Seen?

"The Have You Seen? album was satisfying however it was a realistic introduction to the definition of independence and it set the bar for the Ambush album. It developed several opportunities including increasing the fan base, touring, and establishing valuable connects in the Hip Hop game," Rampage told HipHopDX yesterday.

The aforementioned Ambush album, due later this year, is apparently a slow-cooked return to rhyming for the man most notable for his appearance on Craig Mack's historic 1994 "Flava In Ya Ear remix." The new project is largely handled by London producer L-Beatz and Felony Music.

As part of his own Deep Freeze imprint, Rampage has launched [click here to listen] to celebrate his upcoming work with street poet Lyssen, David Rolas and City Boys. Although Deep Freeze is at the center of attention, Rampage did add that, "Flipmode definitely still is a squad."

KRS One & Buckshot Prepare new album

KRS ONE is a significant figure in the Hip-Hop community and is often credited by critics and other Hip-Hop artists as epitomizing the "essence" of an emcee. It is no surprise then, that KRS-ONE decided it would make the most sense to combine forces with Buckshot, of Black Moon and record a new album on Duck Down Records. Buckshot shares similar philosophies as KRS-ONE, one of which is the notion of the "Stop the Violence Movement," which KRS-ONE is actively involved with.

KRS-ONE turned to Dru Ha and Buckshot (co-owners of Duck Down Records) to bring a certain sound and production to this upcoming project, a request that Duck Down Records Co-President Dru Ha was honored to fulfill "To say we are honored and humbled would be an understatement. Buck and I have known KRS since our early days in the game, back when we were recording at D&D Studios and he directly influenced the name of the label with his song "Duck Down" (sucka Mc’s Duck). He was also instrumental in one of Buck’s first and biggest records as Da Beatminerz flipped the "How Many MC’s" vocal sample from KRS. But with the nostalgic feelings of KRS being one of my favorite MC’s growing up to the side, it’s KRS’s continued relevance of today that’s most exciting. KRS has a message in his lyrics, a gladiator performer who reps the culture and posses all the qualities that an MC should embody : Meaningful lyrics, mastery of the flow, intense creativity and a ferocious live show. I know how much respect Buck has for KRS, so I can only imagine how this will elevate his game. It’s Old School to those that don’t keep up with the current works and movements but to me, I would call it Now School."

Three tracks have already been recorded and the chemistry between the two artists is very natural. Buckshot described the work as "CONFLOSATION, even when KRS ONE is flowing he’s having a conversation with his audience. This collaboration with KRS-ONE is going to be an album full of Hip-Hop conversation, ranging from New World Order, to socially conscious topics such as unemployment, poverty, and politics. At the same time, we will speak to the streets, as that is what I’m known to do. It’s a dream to be able to work with KRS-ONE. Before I even began rapping that is who I checked for. I kept the "Blue Print" album on me at all times. That is all I listened to for an entire summer."

Check for the KRS-ONE & Buckshot’s album later this year on Duck Down Records.

Mr. Vegas, "Hot It Up"

The average dancehall career—if that’s the proper term for the prevailing hand-to-mouth business model—is nasty, brutish, and short. But Clifford “Mr. Vegas” Smith is one of the very rare artists who have seen lightning strike time and time again. An exciting singer whose voice blends Barrington Levy’s soaring lilt with the raw simplicity of Tenor Saw, Vegas burst on the Jamaican scene in 1997 with the buoyant “Nike Air,” the first of an improbably long run of hit singles.

From 1998’s “Heads High” through 2004’s “Pull Up,” Vegas has proved a consistent hitmaker over the past decade. Part of his staying power has to do with a general lack of strong, traditional dancehall singers—especially with the genre’s increasingly breakneck computerized tempo. Still, there would have been no way to predict the hot streak he’s hit on a full 10 years after his debut. He’s on fire on his fifth album, Hot It Up, dropping hit after hit—from dance tunes like “Hot Wuk” and “Tek Weh Yuh Self” to badman cuts like “We Nuh Want Nuh Friend.” From end to end, this is a blistering snapshot of Vegas’ unlikely second chance at dancehall glory.

Akon To Write a book Thug Politics

Akon is adding author to his resume after signing a deal with rapper-turned-publisher C-Murder. The Lonely singer will release a book, Thug Politics, later this year through C-Murder’s company TRU Publishing, following the success of rapper Jacki-O’s title Grown And Gangsta, which went on sale last month.

C-Murder - real name Corey Miller - Akon and Jacki-O will also join a literacy scheme to promote the books, as well as literacy among children and teenagers, reports

Miller released his critically-acclaimed debut novel Death Around The Corner in 2006, which has gone on to sell an estimated 70,000 copies.

DMX Talks New Album, Clowns Barack Obama

DMX has always been a man of the streets. His words and lyrics are a reflection of his vibrant yet humble demeanor, and it’s safe to say that DMX will say whatever is on his mind, whether it fits the status quo or goes over people’s heads.

With that said, in a recent interview with XXLMag, DMX filled the empty lines with words on the music game, his new projects, and an exceptionally awkward stance on Barack Obama.

DMX cited the poor sales of Hip Hop and rap albums on the heads of the artists that are putting forth a bland effort. “Niggas ain’t saying nothing. People ain’t saying nothing. Ain’t but so many people…some people buy records just to dance to ’em. Some people buy records to listen to the radio. And there’s people that buy records ’cause they listen to every song. They not feeding the people properly…it’s the same ol' bullshit. That’s how it get. There has to be some fuckin’ substance.”

In terms of his new double-disc album, DMX stated the material will be similar to his previous works. “It’s two different albums. Two albums, separate albums. I got a couple more tracks to do on it and that’s done. It’s the first time anybody did anything like this—two separate albums on the same day…I’ve done gospel songs on every album. I figured I’d just dedicate a whole album to it.”

When the subject of Barack Obama came up, DMX gave a questionable response to the possibility of a black president. “What the fuck is a Barack? Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa?... Wow, Barack! The nigga’s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man? Is he serious? That ain’t his fuckin’ name. I'ma tell this nigga when I see him, ‘Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit.’ [Laughs] That ain’t your fuckin’ name. Your mama ain’t name you no damn Barack.”

The Word According to MeMpHiTz Pt. 2

My attorney Kenny Meiselas called me this morning. Told me we're looking good with my new HiTz Committee label deal. He tells me Jive never really did a label deal like mine before. Hmm . . . hope they do the right thing.

I absolutely love the music industry, it’s what I’ve always wanted and dreamed of doing. I actually truly believe that I spoke it, or even willed it into existence. I don't know who said the music industry was dead but I tell ya this, they're probably losing…Yep I said it. Now what? Ha Ha!

I honestly love contributing to the music industry because it’s a chance for me to share with everyone all of the creative ability that I may run into, think about, etc., in my many travels and travels to come.

Music runs through my veins like the Mississippi through Memphis, Tennessee.
And I will say this, if you play your cards right, the industry PAYS A LOT OF DAMN MULAH!!

Lots of business to take care of recently. I talked to my lil broham T-PAIN this morning. We’re talking about his new album, I’m telling you: We’re about to kill the game again. Brand new sounds, brand new outlook on life. [People] have no idea. But hey, that's why we LOVE THIS GAME.

I really think people love T- Pain because both his music and his swagger are something so different from the norm and that’s exciting. People love to be excited! I know I do. And that's exactly why I signed him. People are finally realizing that he is definitely the TRUTH. I remember a time when I couldn't get a phone call back from a lot of people in the beginning of T-Pain’s career. But now the T-Pain Clearances/Productions/Writer request lines DON'T STOP Ringing...We're all very flattered.

Will be talking to HUEY and ASIA CrUisE today as well about their upcoming projects.
I got Huey going in with DJ Toomp, and Polow the Don later this week. That should be Supa Hot! We gotta come back monumental if we're gonna come back at all…

Narrowing down the hottest songs for Asia Cruise’s debut album this week. Her album is called Who Is Asia Cruise? I’m scheduling more recording for her with Danja and T-Pain. Sounds like a HIT.

Just signed two new acts to my HiTz Committee label last week:
TRAI'D from Dallas, Texas and Chip Tha Ripper out of Cleveland, Ohio.
Both fire, and both to be reckoned with. Great additions to the team.

I'm about to check out Gov. Eliot Spitzer's love interest Ashley Youman a.k.a. Ashley Alexandra Dupre a.k.a. Kristen's music today. I heard she's an aspiring artist. What must that sound like? Hmmmm…

Mighty Joseph (Vast Aire & Karnaige) Legend

New track from Mighty Joseph "Legend", prod by Madlib. From their upcoming LP Empire State, out March 18th.


Gorilla Zoe

It’s dinnertime backstage at Rosemont, Ill.’s Allstate Arena, just minutes before the doors open for Screamfest ’07, and Atlanta rapper Gorilla Zoe is already finishing off his second sandwich of the evening. Fresh from the airport, just hours away from hitting the stage for thousands of, yes, screaming fans, he moves with the restlessness of a man in a state of elated anticipation. “My first tour,” he says with excitement. “It’s a learning experience.”

Behind the momentum of a hit street single, “Hood Figga” — “No. 1 in the trap, No. 1 in the Chevys, No. 1 in the Yukon,” he says — Zoe speaks with ruthless confidence about his debut, Welcome to the Zoo (Block/BadBoy/ Atlantic). “I do not see the little guys,” he says in his deep, thick drawl. “For real: If you wanna win, you can’t.”

Although Alonzo Mathis was drawn to music early — “I must have been 9 or 10, rapping over instrumentals” — success was far from certain. In ninth grade, he shifted from music and started “selling weed, fuckin’ up,” he says. “Going in folks’ houses. Doing regular dumb shit kids do.” Zoe eventually split his time between the legit and the not-so-legit. “I worked Job Corps in the daytime,” he says. “Hustling at night.”

Eventually he invested in a local studio and began recording and producing. One of his beats was used by 8Ball & MJG for 2007’s “Clap On.” Soon after, star-maker Russell “Block” Spencer discovered one of Zoe’s CDs and offered the rapper a chance to join Atlanta trap supergroup Boyz N Da Hood. Zoe’s carefully interlocking lyrics bring spark to the crew’s new Back Up N Da Chevy (Block/Bad Boy/Atlantic), as well as his recent DJ Drama mixtape Hood Nigga Diaries: American Gangsta Part 2.

“Whatever I do — selling weed, selling CDs — I always work hard, grind, hustle,” says Zoe, facing down another month of Screamfest dates. “Go to sleep. Touch down. Straight to the tour. Go to the club. Hit the studio. Next city. I’m going everywhere!”

Snitch:The Game Released From Jail

After preemptive announcements earlier in the week [click here...] were waved off by Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond and Black Wall Street Records, The Game issued a statement through his publicist today, confirming his release from jail on March 10.

"I apologize for the conflicting news on my release, but due to the sensitive negotiations on this matter I felt it appropriate not to give an exact date on my release. I am truly grateful to my attorney, family and management for doing a great job in this respect. Upon my release I went directly to the studio with producers Cool & Dre and recorded several records including my street record ‘Big Dreams.’ Thank you to all my fans as well for the support."

The aforementioned street single "Big Dreams" will be serviced nationwide to deejays March 18th. You can expect to have it, as it's the first song confirmed for L.A.X.

More snitching from the industries top stars. I guess the real bloods wasn't feeling ya cuz.

Florida Town Bans Baggy Pants

Florida's Riviera Beach has voted to ban baggy pants.

The ordinance was passed by an overwhelming majority Monday.

More than 70 percent voted for the new.

"Grown people, adult, kids, got everybody doing it. It's time for it to be cleaned up," said one resident.

Under the new ordinance, anyone caught in public with pants hanging below the waist, exposing underwear or skin, would be a lawbreaker.

"They're given a community sanction. No record, no fine, no court. We're doing everything we can to treat this with dignity even in the enforcement," explained Mayor Thomas Master.

Still, the American Civil Liberties Union worries the law leaves too much room for discrimination in the enforcement.

Worse, they say, it would violate the Constitution.

The mayor feels, the so-called 'pull up your pants' law will hold up in court.

"I believe a city has a constitutional right to define what is indecent exposure in their city. This is Riviera Beach! This is our city!," he said.

The ACLU counters that saying they are confidant that a judge will keep the newly approved ordinance from going into affect in here Riviera Beach.

An Album I Care About Today: H.N.I.C. 2

Here’s what an average hip-hop artist’s career cycle looks like (the long-standing ones, at least):

–> Starts off with 1 - 2 supa dupa album(s)
–> Gets stuck in a creative rut for 2-5 years
–> Bounces back with 1 exceptional album to hush the haters
–> Hits creativity wall again…You get the picture.

P’s bounceback album was the appropriately titled Return of the Mac, arguably one of the Top 10 albums of 2007. Thankfully, he keeps the creative juice flowing throughout H.N.I.C. 2. He sounds more mature, more articulate, yet more irreverent than ever. Now, all that will probably change after he goes to jail. I can’t think of too many rappers that have been able to drop a decent album after being locked up. Must be that jail food.

Tracklist and Production Credits:

1. Real Power Is People (Produced by Sid Roams)
2. The Life (Produced by The Alchemist)
3. Young Veterans (Produced by The Alchemist)
4. Illuminati (Produced by The Alchemist)
5. New Yitty (Produced by Sid Roams)
6. ABC (Produced by Sid Roams)
7. Click Clack (Produced by Sid Roams)
8. Veterans Memorial Pt. 2 (Produced by The Alchemist)
9. Field Marshall P (Produced by Havoc)
10. 3 Stacks (Produced by Sid Roams)
11. When I See You (Produced by Apex)
12. Dirty New Yorker (Produced by The Alchemist)
13. I Want Out (Produced by Havoc)

DJ Revolution new album King Of The Decks

DJ Revolution has spent 15 years perfecting his craft on the 1200s. Revolution has done just about everything you can think of with records. Spun ’em, scratched ’em, juggled ’em, sampled ’em, collected ’em, produced ’em, sold ’em, distributed ’em, promoted ’em, and so on. Aside, from being the DJ, producer and editor for the world famous "Wake Up Show," based out of LA on Power 106 and Syndicated across the nation, DJ Revolution is a renowned producer with credits on albums by : KRS-ONE, Defari, Dilated Peoples, Planet Asia, Buckshot, Smif N Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, Crooked I, Slum Village, El Da Sensei and Akrobatik to name just a few. DJ Revolution is also a veteran stage show DJ who has toured with artists such as Rakim and Kanye West.

Now DJ Revolution is readying his new project "KING OF THE DECKS" to be released on Duck Down Records in 2008. The album currently features appearances from :

*Sean Price
*Crooked I
*Bishop Lamont
*Dilated Peoples
*Royce 5’9"
*Guilty Simpson
*Blaq Poet
*Kidz In The Hall
*Bumpy Knuckles
*Planet Asia

DJ Revolution’s attention to detail and his genuine respect for the craft of Hip-Hop music is what separates him from other DJ’s, as quoted by saying : "despite today’s DJ’s being ’psuedo-lebrities’ and as big and trendy as ever, they are almost completely disconnected from Hip-Hop in the eyes of the general public. Through this record I’ll attempt to reconnect the DJ with Hip-Hop, re-introduce the DJ to those who forgot what we really do and re-define what is possible in recorded music for the DJ as an artist."

Expect to see DJ Revolution’s "King of The Decks" album in stores fall 2008.

Bun B Says Another UGK Album Is Forthcoming

Despite the untimely death of Pimp C in December of 2007, there will be at least one more UGK album. In an interview with, Bun B explains how the passing of his friend and longtime collaborator affected every aspect of his life, including the recording process for his solo album II Trill."We were heavy into the meat of the album before Pimp passed," says Bun. "The dedication song-the night I wrote it, I wanted it to be one of the last records recorded for this album after what happened."

Due to the volume of material UGK recorded, there should be no shortage of tracks for an as-yet-untitled follow up to 2007's Underground Kingz. The two-disc set debuted at number one on The Billboard 200, by selling 160,000 copies during the first week of its release. Bun B says plans are already underway to release what would be the group's sixth studio album.

"We’re still putting together this last UGK record too, because there’s a lot of music that we’ve already recorded for it," adds Bun B. "I think that album itself is going to be a little bit weird."

II Trill will be released on Rap-A-Lot April 29. Bun B is currently on tour through April 5, and dates are available on the Bun B profile at the Microsoft Zune website

Remy Ma And Papoose To Be Married

Last night on BET's The Black Carpet, rumors concerning a quiet-as-kept Hip Hop union were confirmed by host Egypt in revealing that rappers Papoose and Remy Ma are set to be husband and wife, with a wedding planned for summer. Remy Ma allegedly confirmed the rumors with the show host.

Both rappers have had a difficult last year. Papoose was recently let go of a blockbuster deal with Sony Records, after many speculated that the label had no intention of releasing the debut album from the Brooklyn emcee. Remy Ma, who remains in trial for attempted murder charges stemming from an early 2007 nightclub shooting, is also seeking a label home. Initially billed for 2007, Remy's next project is said to be PunisHER, which was to be released on Sureshot Records.
With a recent altercation between Papoose and former Remy Ma mentor and Terror Squad member Fat Joe, the seemingly unmotivated incident has two degrees of separation from Remy, who remains critical of Joe's ethics, leadership and integrity.

Jay-Z "Roc Boys" Video

VIDEO: Webbie - I Miss You (Feat. LeToya Luckett)

Scarface 'Made'

New York, NY (Rap Newswire) - Now 37, he’s as thoughtful as ever, and he seems to be settling into life as a hip-hop elder statesman, lionized by his younger contemporaries, but ignored by radio D.J.’s, and (it seems) by hip-hop’s promotional machine. Many Scarface fans might be surprised to learn that a new Scarface album, “Made,” is tip-toeing into shops tomorrow; it’s his seventh, not counting the four compilations of various sorts that have also been released under his name.

In “Never,” the statement of purpose that opens the album, he sounds sad even when he’s claiming to be stoic: “I could never forget my homies, dying for their scratch/Forever pouring out liquor for ’em — God, send ’em back.”

No one can accuse Scarface of overstuffing this CD: it lasts barely 40 minutes, just long enough to provide a satisfying dose of stories and boasts, delivered in a rich, bluesy voice that often makes him seem even older than he is. His idea of a love song is “Girl You Know,” an unapologetic account of infidelity and its causes. (He sounds heartbroken but not at all surprised when he explains, “If you ain’t love my kids like you loved your own/And me unconditionally when I was wrong/I was gone.”) Or maybe his idea of a love song is “Boy Meets Girl,” a romantic tragedy that’s also a cautionary tale about the dangers of mixing “boy” (slang for heroin) with “girl” (cocaine).

Unlike that other 37-year-old rapper — the one who dates BeyoncĂ© and turns 38 tomorrow — Scarface doesn’t keep violence at arm’s length. He still sounds scary when he describes a murder, perhaps because he still sounds scared, or at any rate haunted. “Burn,” a collaboration with the younger (but similarly mournful) Houston rapper Z-Ro, begins in midstory: “My hands got powder burns, I just murdered a man.” Driving away, he smokes, checks the rearview mirror and lets it all sink in:

As I pass by Watkins I relax, ’cause I’m home now.
Had a funny feeling in the beginning — it’s gone, now.
’Cause we live in a do-or-die society:
You do, and either die trying or do it psychologically;
I’m brain dead.

Despite the album’s brevity, Scarface finds time to address the war in Iraq, a friend’s suicide and his own Christian faith. And while “Made” surely won’t have the same impact as “The Fix,” his bigger-budget 2002 album, it provides some good (maybe great) news: you get the feeling Scarface could keep making not-so-modest little albums like this one indefinitely. KELEFA SANNEH ...

[Source: - Rap & Hip-Hop Press Releases & News -

Streetz: On My Grind NEW MUSIC

Streetz: On My Grind NEW MUSIC

Is he the next T.I.? Shawty Lo? Jeezy? Rocko? 

He’s new. He has his own label, producers, and paper. He has a buzz spreading through the south like a plague. Now independent Atlanta rapper Streetz— the first feature in our You Don’t Know Me section— goes for the top spot with the first single off his new mixtape The Supply.


Hurricane Chris Hosts Mixtape

Los Angeles, CA (RapNewswire) - Pologrounds Music/J Records’ rap sensation Hurricane Chris is taking his “A Bay Bay” status to another level as the first featured artist for the launch of, a new website targeted to the hip hop community that reports on news and trends in digital technology and entertainment. The Shreveport, LA native teamed with New York’s #1 mixtape dj, DJ Superstar Jay, to host Hi Tech Pimpin.Com…The Mixtape, a 27-track mixtape with a slew of exclusive music from some of the hottest, under-the-radar, new emcees reppin’ from around the country. What’s unique about Hi Tech Pimpin.Com…The Mixtape is that most of the tracks featured on this mixtape have been ‘flipped’ into ringtones that will be made available on the Sidekick and other phones. The mixtape wouldn’t be complete without Hurricane Chris, who’s featured with his hit song “A Bay Bay (The Ratchet Remix) along with other club hit songs including “Pick the Money Up” by Storm P feat. Remy Ma, “How We Get Down” by BlackHand Entertainment featuring Foxy Brown, “Ain’t It Man” by Dirty Blac, Choir Boy’s “Hush”, and the smash street anthem out of Detroit “What Up Doe” by Tone Tone. “Since I got the streets bangin’ to my joint ‘Pick The Money Up’ with Remy Ma, it only made sense to get my song made into a ringtone by UrbanWorld,” says rapper Storm P.

DJ Superstar Jay, UrbanWorld’s new mobile dj, once again defends his title as New York’s #1 mixtape dj with “…The Mixtape”, which was recently featured on MTV’s Mixtape Monday, DJ Superstay Jay delivers a wicked mixtape that takes the best from the West Coast, Midwest, East Coast and some major heat from the Dirty South including new music from veteran, Bone Crusher. The mixtape is available for review and download at

With more than two million ringtones sold and snagging the #1 slot on Billboard’s Mastertone list, it was only natural that Hurricane Chris be the first featured celebrity guest interviewed on The website provides daily news for the wireless industry, offers mobile gadget reviews, entertainment news and exclusive ringtones. will also serve as an educational portal dedicated to raising awareness of the wireless and digital world within urban youth (18-35), who posses astronomical buying power in the mobile world. “People spend crazy amounts of money on mobile phones, ringtones and accessories, but know nothing about the mobile/digital industry or even simple mobile terms like SMS,” says Richard McWhorter, Managing Editor, HiTech

For more information, please contact Keisha Pickett at or (813)903-9247.

About, a site dedicated to “Hip-Hop’s Love For Mobile Gadgets”, reports on news and trends in digital technology and entertainment. The website features reviews on the latest mobile gadgets, industry news and education on digital space. More information is available online at

About UrbanWorld Wireless/UDub Music:
Headquartered in Los Angeles, UrbanWorld Wireless is the premiere leader in digital distribution of urban music and video. Founded in 2001, UrbanWorld Wireless provides a comprehensive suite of digital content including wallpapers, ringtones, ringbacks, full length download and video. UrbanWorld Wireless currently digital distributes a select group of top independent artist and record label including Bonecrusher, 40Glocc, Warren G, The Clipse, Joe Buddens. Our mobile roster includes Oscar winning rap group, Three-6 Mafia, comedian Katt Williams, David Banner, actress Meagan Good among others. UrbanWorld Wireless distributes mobile content to T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Boost Mobile & Sprint. UWW is at the forefront of integrating wireless technology and the hip-hop lifestyle; and is continually recognized and acknowledged in both the technology and hip-hop arenas. More information is available at

Omillio Sparks Backs Mad Ave Movement, State Prop

Next to Young Gunz partner Neef Buck Omillio Sparks is the State Property member garnering the least amount of attention since Jay-Z and Dame Dash split three years ago.

“I 'm not going to hold you, my album didn't do what was expected, but that's the state of the industry, and that's the way things happen sometimes," Sparks admits. ‘The Payback,’ distributed in August 2007 by Koch Records, did little to capitalize on “Young Froggy’s” history of pop hook writing (“I Just Wanna Love U,” Jay-Z), visceral hood tales and film work on both sides of the camera (‘State Property’).

This year the Philadelphia native offers himself, AR, LBS, Banchi, and Lil Jigga as the group Mad Ave. Movement. The group members are featured on “Movement” (‘The Payback’) and this spring will appear on the remix of Sparks’ single "4 The Love Or Money".

Sparks who, according to his reps, signed with Jay-Z in 1997, is reportedly partnering with Apple’s iTunes and Verizon Wireless for this year’s Mad Ave. Movement release. There have been conflicting reports about the status of the Beanie Sigel lead State Property collective (Sigel, Young Gunz, Peedi Peedi, Omillio Sparks, Oschino), but according to Sparks the group is this summer shooting ‘State Property 3’ and embarking on a national tour.

Not only does the group have to contend with internal strife and a saturated hip hop industry, but its’ own city is chock full of up and coming spitters.

Omillio Sparks, owner of Omillio Sparks Entertainment, has appeared on Roc-A-Fella Records releases such as ‘The Dynasty,’ ‘Philadelphia Freeway,’ ‘The Reason,’ ‘The Solution,’ and both ‘State Property’ albums.

He is also setting sights on the online social networking game. For more information visit &

SFBayView: Help Myrtle Green Go Home

"There is not much to say about my life except I had it all," says Myrtle Green, a prisoner at the California Institution for Women. "Now, suffice to say, it's better to have had and lost, than never to have had at all.

"In my free state, I was a law school graduate, owned for 35 years my own tax, accounting investment and real estate brokerage firms. All the while my partner raised and I raised two children. She stays in touch and supports me financially even though I have not spoken to her in 17 years. My daughter lives in Mississippi with my granddaughter, who will turn 18 this month. She graduates this year, plans to attend university.

"I have written my autobiography and am looking for a publisher. The title I have in mind is ‘From Cottonseed to Coca Leaf and All the Points Between.'"

The book should be fascinating. Ms. Green is the great, great granddaughter of a slave woman and an English slave owner and was born on the farm that her ancestor was given at the end of the Civil War, when the slaves were freed.

She was a successful woman before this conviction, and this conviction only came about because she refused to testify against a drug dealer that her daughter had been involved with and Myrtle had helped her flee from. He threatened to pursue and kill both daughter and granddaughter if Myrtle testified, but it's his testimony that convicted Myrtle - jailhouse witness given a deal, basically.

Myrtle Green is very active in many groups in prison: Long Timers, Convicted Women Against Abuse, African American Women's Prisoner Association and Yes, I Can! an inmate tutorial group and others.

This is a letter that Myrtle drafted, and she is asking that people send it to the Parole Board and Gov. Schwarzenegger. Just copy, sign and mail it to these two addresses:

"Board of Parole Hearings, Chairman James Davis, P.O. Box 4036, Sacramento, CA 95812-4036 and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Office of Legal Affairs, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814.

"Request for release of Myrtle E. Green, W-32887, California Institution for Women, Corona, CA 92880-9508.

"Ms. Green, now aged 76, was found to be suitable for parole on Dec. 28, 2005, with a parole date June 8, 2010. She has now served 18 years in a case of conspiracy, where no harm came to anyone nor was there any attempt made on anyone's life. Both the Parole Commissioners and the District Attorney agreed she would be no threat to the public safety. This begs the question, "Why should she serve 27 years for murder when there was neither murder nor any attempt?"

"Ms. Green suffers from multiple disabilities, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension, causing the second stroke on Jan. 5, 2007, leaving her blind in one eye. She also suffers from deafness.

"In these days of severe prison overcrowding, would it not make better sense to free the California taxpayers from the cost of her incarceration and medical care? The odds are against her living until 2010.

"Would you please consider an earlier release for her?"

Dignity denied

The Parole Board was told that Myrtle had no place to parole to, no vocation, and her illnesses were fabricated. As you can see from Myrtle's letter, that's far from the truth. Almost a million dollars have been spent on her health care to date, and she's terrified that she's not going to make it home to see her girls. It's purely fighting spirit and determination that's keeping her going.

Readers are urged to write to the governor and pass Myrtle's details along to anyone else who'd be willing to write. Also, please drop Myrtle a card of support if you can; she really appreciates it. Her address is Myrtle Green, #32887, CIW/ MA31L, 16756 Chino-Corona Rd. Corona CA 92880

R.I.P. To Juveniles Daughter

Rapper JUVENILE is in mourning after his four-year-old daughter was murdered - allegedly by her teenage stepbrother. Seventeen-year-old Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr. has been charged with fatally shooting his policewoman mother Joy Deleston, 39, and her two daughters, Micaiah, 11, and Jelani, four. In 2003, a DNA test proved Juvenile was Jelani’s father and the hip-hop star was arrested for abandonment of a dependent child.

Atlanta Rap Artist T.I. Offered Plea Deal

In October of 2007 hip hop / rap artist T.I. was arrested on federal gun charges just hours before he was scheduled to perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards by federal authorities.

The Atlanta based hip hop rap artist T.I., aka Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., has been offered a 15 year prison term plea agreement by federal prosecuting attorney David E. Nahmias on his current weapons charges.

The hip hop star was arrested in a federal sting after his bodyguard-turned-informant, delivered three machine guns and two silencers to the hip-hop rapper, according to a Justice Department statement.

This sentence offered to the rap star T.I. may be reduced. The hip hop artists’ lawyers are in negotiation presently.

Go to www.Yashin.TV for the Video Story.

Gnarls Barkley - Run

This is the first single off the new album, “Odd Couple,” in stores April 8th.

Why You Should Never Sign with Another Rapper

Juelz Santana, Max B, Remy, Cuban Link, Jay Hood, everyone on Roc-A-Fella the listed of disgruntled rappers we’ve heard from goes seems to go on and on. But lets all be honest they primarily have only themselves to blame for breaking one of the cardinals sins of the business of hip hop…a mistake you out there, you “potential rappers,” would be a idiot to make…they all signed…to another rapper!

If you want another rapper to help you…write better raps…now that’s logical. Need a hook…throw him some cash if need be, but don’t sign a 5 album deal so you can get cosigned. What the hell do they know about developing and selling anyone but themselves! And what worse…they’re not even really in charge. The same people they have to politic with you for budget, they have to polly with for theirs.

When the Dipset started, it was 100% about Cam. Then both Jim and Juelz became far more relevant than me. So of course he bugs out! Problems!

Max B comes out through Jim, but Jim’s got to focus on getting all his paper right. To hell is Byrdgang…problems!

Everyone from Terror Squad is vamoose because Fat Joe blew out to Miami to make sure he got his ringtones monies right…problems!

Rumor has it that DTP just got their entire collection of R&B artists fired this week! And no one on Rocafella, more than half of them being from my own city of Philly, can understand why they can’t get a couple extra bars on “American Gangster.”

You think Jay Millz’s gonna have any more success than Currency had on Young Money? Your boss admits he’s addicted to syrup!

Sure, there are some anomalies here and there, T-Pain and Akon, John Legend and Kanye, but more likely, you’ll be Peedi Crakk or Triple Seis or any other disgruntled rapper, at home pissed knowing whatever tracks you turned in will never see the light of day.

Best advice, make hits on your own, get a fan base on MySpace, and sign with Koch.