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Joe Budden On The Come Up Interview & Talk 2 Em Video

Video for Talk 2 Em below.

KRS-One & DJ Revolution Sign To Duck Down

Duck Down Records has made a big acquisition. The label has added legendary rapper KRS One to the roster. DJ Revolution has also been added to the roster, which is already prepping the releases of new projects.
ru-Ha, co-owner of Duck Down spoke about what KRS means to the label.
“To say we are honored and humbled would be an understatement. Buck and I have known KRS since our early days in the game, back when we were recording at D&D Studios and he directly influenced the name of the label with his song 'Duck Down' (sucka Mc's Duck). He was also instrumental in one of Buck's first and biggest records as Da Beatminerz flipped the 'How Many MC's' vocal sample from KRS. But with the nostalgic feelings of KRS being one of my favorite MC's growing up to the side, it's KRS's continued relevance of today that's most exciting. KRS has a message in his lyrics, a gladiator performer who reps the culture and posses all the qualities that an MC should embody: Meaningful lyrics, mastery of the flow, intense creativity and a ferocious live show. I know how much respect Buck has for KRS, so I can only imagine how this will elevate his game. It's Old School to those that don't keep up with the current works and movements but to me, I would call it Now School ,” he said via statement.

Buckshot, the other co-owner of Duck Down, is collaborating with KRS on an entire album. With three songs done, Buckshot explained just why this chemistry works.
This collaboration with KRS-ONE is going to be an album full of Hip-Hop conversation, ranging from New World Order, to socially conscious topics such as unemployment, poverty, and politics. At the same time, we will speak to the streets, as that is what I'm known to do. It’s a dream to be able to work with KRS-ONE. Before I even began rapping that is who I checked for. I kept the Blueprint album on me at all times. That is all I listened to for an entire summer," he added.
Duck Down is also prepping the release of Buckshot and 9th Wonder's The Formula, set to hit stores April 15th.

DJ Revolution is also readying the release of his album, King of the Decks, set to hit shelves this year. That album will feature Dilated Peoples, Bishop Lamont, KRS, Crooked I, The Alchemist, Tash, Defari, Buckshot, Guilty Simpson, Kidz in the Hall, Sean Price and a host of other performers.

Max B - Umma Do Me(Jim Jones Diss)

Max B - Umma Do Me(Jim Jones Diss) Umma Do Me off of Max-B’s new mixtape, “Million Dollar Baby Part 2.” Looks like the Dipset’s drama continues, the movement now looks a mess.


Papoose - Build Or Destroy Mixtape

Download Now For the latest news and mixtapes from Papoose check out REAL RAP NEWZ


Real Talk With Rocko

RTNY: How did you land your deal with Def Jam?

Rocko: It was through the buzz I had going. Before I got the deal my record was already at 300 spins.

RTNY: You’re talking about your single, “Umma Do Me”, right?

Rocko: Yeah. I was actually in the process of closing a deal with another label when L.A. Reid contacted me and wanted to sign me.

RTNY: What are the boardroom meetings like, is the label fully behind you?

Rocko: I’m feeling all the love and support from the label. I go in and they let me know what songs they like. It’s a real good feeling. I’m feeling good about everything right now.

RTNY: The single is big down in the South, has it been crazy for you since releasing the song?

Rocko: It’s been crazy. Initially when I started rappin’ I was thinking more about the money. But once I started going to these different cities and doing shows, and getting on stage telling people what I want them to do-and they do it…I was like, wow. That really made me start taking it seriously. It’s a real good feeling.

RTNY: You’ve done production for a lot of artists with your Rocky Road Productions. Can you name some of those artists?

Rocko: Franchize Boyz, Young Dro, Pastor Troy, Lil Flip and the whole Sucker Free camp.

RTNY: In the future, is producing something you want to do more of?

Rocko: I mean…for the most part, yeah. I have a few tracks that I produced for my own album. But for the most part, I want to venture off into the film industry.

RTNY: What made you want to start doing that?

Rocko: I always have felt like I could act. My album comes out March 18 and we just finished up my movie called, Self Made. It’s an album and a movie.

RTNY: So you’re hoping your rap career will launch your film career?

Rocko: Oh, yeah, definitely.

RTNY: A lot of hip-hop heads have been calling you a Jeezy clone. What do you have to say to those people?

Rocko: I just tell em’ to do them and keep hating. I’m getting paid over here, getting $12,000 for a show. I have my own label. I got a stupid deal. And I’m cashing in right now. I could care less about what a hater has to say about me.

RTNY: Do you feel as though southern artists sometimes get unnecessary backlash from the fans and the industry?

Rocko: I think its jut the broke people.

RTNY: (Laughing).

Rocko: I think they don’t have nothing else better to do than hate, feel me?

RTNY: Yep.

Rocko: If you had something else better to do with your time, you could care less about what somebody else is doing. You would be concentrated on getting your money. Believe it or not, that’s the type of thing that keeps me motivated to do what I’m doing. And on top of that, I come with a different flow on every beat. That’s why they call me “Mr. Southern Swag”, because I adjust my flow and freak it according to the beat.

RTNY: So in other words you want other people to do them and not worry about you?

Rocko: Exactly. I could care less about what a hater is saying. I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

RTNY: Atlanta is a hotbed for Southern hip-hop, why do you think that is?

Rocko: The thing about Atlanta is that we’re hungry. We’re in control, the South is where it’s at right now.

RTNY: Is Soulja Boy a correct representation of Atlanta music?

Rocko: Yep, Soulja Boy is doing his thing. Atlanta is a dance city. There use to be bass music down here…we love to dance down here in Atlanta. Soulja Boy is doing what the kids like.

RTNY: I know you have some ties to Houston producing for Lil Flip, how did you feel about the passing of Pimp C considering he’s a legend in the South?

Rocko: That really messed with me…especially since Pimp C made all those comments about Atlanta. I just looked at it like he was lashing out at Jeezy because of that situation when Jeezy didn’t want to do that song with him. So I know he was just mad. I know he really didn’t mean that because Atlanta has supported Houston music since day one.

RTNY: Right.

Rocko: From Willie D, Geto Boys, and Scarface. It messed with because I didn’t get a chance to work with Pimp C before he passed. I really wanted to work with Pimp.

RTNY: Did you ever get a chance to meet him?

Rocko: Nah, I never got a chance to meet him. Bun B, that’s my boy. But I never got a chance to meet Pimp. Bun and I got cool after Pimp was gone.

RTNY: How do you plan on separating yourself from all the artists coming out of Atlanta and in hip-hop in general?

Rocko: I just let the fans decide. When I make music, I make it for me. When I go in the studio, I’m not thinking about what anyone is going to think. If you like it-you like it. If you don’t-you don’t. First and foremost, I’m a hustler. If this rap thing wouldn’t have worked out, I would have done something else. I ventured off into real estate, it was promising, but it wasn’t as promising as this rappin’. All I have to do is go to a club and perform for 30-45 minutes and I leave with $10-$15,000. It’s a no-brainer. And in a couple of months it’s about to be more.

RTNY: Let’s talk about the album. It’s dropping on March 18, right.

Rocko: March 18, the world is going to be a different place. It may take some longer to catch on, but once they catch on, they’re going to be in tuned to what’s going on in Atlanta. I’m really from Atlanta, born and raised. A lot of other people flew here, I grew up here. I’m going to give them a taste of the real Atlanta.

RTNY: I know we’re talking about the A, how has that shaped you as an artist?

Rocko: Well, I’ve seen them come and go. Like, I’ve seen all the movements. I watched Young Jeezy move to Atlanta and create his movement…

RTNY: So Jeezy is not originally from Atlanta?

Rocko: (Pauses) I don’t know.

RTNY: (Laughs).

Rocko: But I watched rappers like T.I. come in and do their thing. There’s a movement in Atlanta and when the streets appreciate what we do, I feel like that’s what we have to keep doing. When you have a rapper like Jeezy - a street hustler who came in the game and sold millions of records, that’s what Atlanta represents. Rather than us trying to commercialize our raps, that’s not what the real Atlanta stands for. The real Atlanta is gritty, raw, and uncut. And that’s what I represent.

RTNY: So, who are some of the artists and producers you worked with on the album?

Rocko: I worked with Drummer Boy, Jazze Pha, The Runners, The Justice League, and myself. I got Jeezy, T.I. and Jadakiss on the album. As for R&B I got Monica, Ne-yo, and Lloyd on the album.

RTNY: Is the album more on the lines of the gritty Atlanta, like we talked about earlier?

Rocko: Street music. That’s what I would classify it as.

RTNY: Do you have any artists coming out of your Rocky Road camp that we should be looking out for?

Rocko: J. Gutta and Goldie. That’s who I’m focused on right now. I have a couple of people from Houston I’m looking at too.

RTNY: Like who?

Rocko: I’m not going to disclose their name at the present time.

RTNY: Alright. Plug that album and let the fans know when it’s dropping.

Rocko: March 18. Rocko, Self-Made, “Mr. Umma Do Me”; Self-Made the album and the movie.

RTNY: Give the readers some of your websites so they can log-on and check out your music.

Rocko: Okay,

RTNY: Thanks for the interview, and good luck on your album

Talkin Out Da Side Of Ya Neck (Political Video Remix)

Video: Lil Wanye Performing In New Jersey

Maxim Gives Nas New Album A 2.5 Without Hearing The Complete Album

RAPPER Nas was shocked when Maxim gave his new album, "N - - - - r," a 21/2-star review - because it isn't even finished yet. "I'm finishing the album now, and it will be out April 22," Nas told Page Six.

Maxim has since apologized for the premature review, but Nas doesn't care. "I'd prefer [a review from] Playboy," the rapper said. "That kind of stuff doesn't reach my radar or effect anybody around me. I don't know what a music rating from Maxim is . . . I don't know what it even means really." Maxim also reviewed the Black Crowes' album, "War Paint," without listening to it in its entirety.

Stones Throw Vs Duck Down?

This year, two indie labels will join forces at SXSW in order to showcase the talent they both have. At this March 12 event, set to be sponsored by V-Tech, Stones Throw and Duck Down will have what is being labeled Stones Throw Vs Duck Down.

Buckshot, co-owner of Duck Down Records spoke on the matter via statement.
"We are excited to partner up with Stones Throw Records to present the Soundclash. Stones Throw and Duck Down are both highly respected brands in the Independent rap game and we understand that there is power in numbers. On March 12th we'll be providing a free show to the public and it's a way to give back to the rap community who continues to support our movements and our projects."

The Duck Down VS Stones Throw Sound Clash will feature:
*Sean Price (Duck Down)
*Buckshot, of Black Moon (Duck Down)
*Kidz In The Hall (Duck Down)
*DJ Mister Nash (Duck Down)
*Guilty Simpson (Stones Throw)
*Percee P (Stones Throw)
*DJ Rhettmatic (Stones Throw)

Location: The Habanna Annex
The labels are also readying three new releases, which can be found, along with information on label and release date, below:
9th Wonder & Buckshot, The Formula in stores April 15th (Duck Down)
Kidz In the Hall The In Crowd in stores April 29th (Duck Down)
Guilty Simpson Ode To The Ghetto in stores March 25th (Stones Throw)

Floyd Mayweather Jr Is Going To Wrestlemania?

When Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he would take a hiatus from boxing, many figured he would remain out of the ring for some time until his proposed September rematch with Oscar De La Hoya. Instead of the boxing ring, Mayweather will find himself in a wrestling ring where he will face Paul Wight Jr. aka The Big Show for $20 million.
The WBC welterweight champion and consensus best pound for pound boxer in the world has signed a deal with WWE to put his boxing skills to the side and show off his wrestling talents at the upcoming WrestleMania XXIV event.

"It's entertainment. You have a chance to just be you and do what you want to do," Mayweather said after press conference.
WrestleMania XXIV is scheduled to take place on March 30 at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

Mayweather, nickname "Money", was challenged to a match on WWE Raw, a professional wrestling television program, on February 17, 2008, following a physical altercation involving The Big Show the night before.
Mayweather accepted the challenge.

"Wrestling takes care of business right on the spot," Mayweather said. "Whatever they say they're going to do, they do it right on the spot. There's no waiting three, four, five months. Quick results, quick money. Quick big money, too."
WrestleMania XXIV, produced by the World Wrestling Entertainment, will be the twenty-fourth annual WrestleMania professional wrestling match on pay-per-view

Video: Jay-Z - I Know

Nas And Jay-Z Collaboration Album???

After stepping down as President of Def Jam months ago, rumors continue to run about Jay-Z's next move. After it became apparent that he would be leaving the Def Jam family altogether, rumor had it that he would create a "super label" with his spouse/collaborator Beyonce after her Sony contract was up. Now, the is hearing unconfirmed reports that Jay is indeed planning his own new record label, Carter Music Group.

Reportedly. after Jay teams up with Warner Music Group's head Lyor Cohen to form the new label, Jay will partner with former enemy-on-wax Nas on a full album of duets, The Kings of Hip Hop, to be released on the label early next year.

Jay's rep has yet to comment on the rumor.

Camron Holding Juelz Back?

In a recent interview on Angie Martinez Juelz insinuated that Camron is holding him back from releasing a new album. Juelz hasn’t drop an album since 2005 but talked to RealTalkNY about his future project a few months back. Check out Miss Info’s site for the audio.

Mr. T Gets Animated In Graphic Novel

Action man Mr. T is set to become a comic book hero. The mohawked former A-Team star will feature in his own graphic novel series. The iconic actor, who also appeared in Rocky III, has been animated by British publisher Mohawk Media, and demand for the new comics is so great a special Limited Advance Edition run of just 4,000 is to be released early.

Mr. T - real name Lawrence Trudeau - says, "It's great to be the star of a graphic novel... I'm so proud of all my life's work, but to see myself in this book feels extra special."

Mr. T, who is the executive editor of the project, adds, "I've always strived to be a good role model to children and adults alike. I can't think of a better way to do that than by encouraging people to read."

"Mr. T: Limited Advance Edition" can be ordered direct from publisher Mohawk Media; the graphic novels will be available in bookstores worldwide in April.

Lil Will - My Dougie

Mary J. Blige - Come To Me

Concerts on hold at Evergreen State College after riot

Concerts have been banned at The Evergreen State College pending a campus security review after a Thurston County sheriff’s car was overturned and looted last week during a Dead Prez concert.

The hip-hop group’s show at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma on Friday also was postponed.

Evergreen President Les Purce has pledged that the school will pay for the damage to police property. College spokesman Jason Wettstein said the school is working out how much money it will have to pay and where it will come from. Early estimates of damage were up to $50,000.

Evergreen police filed misdemeanor assault charges Wednesday against the man whose arrest led to the confrontation with police.


The Bill OF Right!
Never have so many hoped for so much because of rollicking rhetoric and pulsating platitudes. A tsunami of hope has plunged America into electoral euphoria. In its path is the wreckage of critical thinking about what ails the US and what bold, revolutionary actions are needed.

Rakim - Its Nothing

Rakim’s next album is called, ” The Seventh Seal.” Rumors of an album release of persisted for years, since being with Aftermath & Dr.Dre but no album has been dropped yet.

Jadakiss Blames Ringtone, Tight Pants Wearing Rappers For Ruining The Game

“N*gga’s is garbage,” he said. “The game is f*cked up … a bunch of ring tone, tight-pants-wearing motherf*ckrs. I’m just doin’ me. The music is f*cking garbage, man. Kanye came out with hot music. He sold records. T.I., same thing. Alicia Keys, same sh*t. If your sh*t was hot and you had a machine, you sold records.”

And for those whose number were lacking …

“Don’t blame nobody, just make better music, *ssholes,” Jada said. “It’s a business at the end of the day, so you can be mad at who ever but you gotta be mad at yourself. Either the music wasn’t right or you didn’t handle your business. It’s as simple as that.”

Tank Gets Brutalized By Police

Grammy nominated R&B singer Tank says he was the victim of police brutality last Sunday at the conclusion of NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans.

The incident took place early Sunday morning around 1:30 am. The singer and one of his business partners left the House of Blues in New Orleans in search of their driver. According to a statement release, the pair asked a nearby security officer for directions to their destination and set out on foot.

As Tank rounded the final corner and spotted his vehicle, he was stopped by a New Orleans Police Officer and instructed to turn around.

During the exchange, Tank attempted to negotiate another path to the vehicle and also assured the officer (who was black) that he was not a threat, the officer told said he didn’t owe the singer “any explanations.”

Tank was later approached by three white officers approached and began asking questions. After asking for further explanation, the officers slammed Tank up against a nearby wall, bending one arm behind his back, which trapped the singer’s other arm between his body and the wall.

The officers asked Tank to release the pinned arm, which he could not do.
Apparently fed up at what the officers may have perceived as insubordination (for not releasing his pinned arm), Tank was shot at close range with a taser and forced to the ground.

During the incident, one of the officers told the singer “never mess with the law in New Orleans,” according to a statement released.
“The most frustrating part of the entire incident is knowing that I did not do anything to pose a threat but was treated like a criminal,” he said in the wake of the incident. “With a clean-cut image and a lady by my side, the law took matters into their own hands and chose to endanger my safety and those accompanying me. It’s 2008 and New Orleans is still very much in trouble beyond the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I’m a living witness.”

Tank has engaged the services of the Law Office of Bernard L. Charbonnet, Jr. “My firm intends to vigorously protect his interest as we do for all of our clients,” Charbonnet says.

The incident is still under investigation.

Rick Ross ft. T-Pain - The Boss & Street Money(ft. Flo-Rida)

Jin - Open Letter To Barack Obama

Cassie In GQ Magazine

You can see the video from the shoot @ GQ, More pics are below. She is looking sexy and petite, a girl doesn’t always have to be thick.

Akrobatik - Absolute Value

Boston’s Akrobatik is undoubtedly one of Hip Hop’s most talented emcees, but he is far from the most prolific. Since his debut EP in 2000 (featuring the classic “Internet MC’s,” which was so far ahead of its time and needs to be revisited), this is only Ak’s second solo album in 8 years. After 03’s Balance won him plenty of critical acclaim, including 1st place in the International Songwriting Competition for “Remind My Soul,” Ak kept the name warm in ’05 with The Perceptionists full-length with Mr. Lif and DJ Fakts One.

What Ak lacks in productivity, he more than makes up for in quality. Absolute Value lives up to its name with 14 tightly packaged songs, assisted by some of Hip Hop’s best. Illmind leads off the album with his first of four tracks with “A to the K.” B-Real joins Ak over the head-nodder and re-hashes his “a to the muthafuckin k homeboy, a to the muthafuckin k.” line for the chorus. It’s a solid start, but the album really comes to life with “Soul Glo.” It may clock in at under 3 minutes, but that doesn’t mean Ak and Da Beatminerz skimped on the flavor.

The first of several top notch guests stops through for “Put Ya Stamp On It.” The like-minded Talib Kweli joins Akrobatik over an uncharacteristic J Dilla beat, the results are what you’d expect. The original Little Brother puts in work on “Be Prepared.” With 9th Wonder lending his trademark soul each emcee lays a dope verse with Ak taking the title for; “I don’t drive but always hearing ‘Ak you’re a legend.’” Sound that one out kids, genius. Asamov’s Therapy and Willie Evans Jr. aid Ak over Therapy’s playful track on “Black Hell Break Loose.” Great posse cut to be sure, but does anyone think Willie was sounding a bit MF DOOM’ish in his verse? Speaking of playful production, J-Zone backs Ak with his usual brand of crazy for the LP’s banging title track.

Perceptionists partners-in-crime Mr. Lif and Fakts One come through for “Beast Mode,” which is a bit of a letdown. Not a bad track, just far from their best work together. On the other hand, Ak is at his best when he comes with a message. The Chuck D narrated “Kindred” will certainly turn a lot of heads for Ak’s powerful verses about the pains of slavery. The Boston emcee does just as admirable a job tackling the modern day struggle on “Rain,” but it is “Front Steps Pt. II (Tough Love)” that steals the show here. Just peep the words:
“this ain’t no war on drugs, it’s a war on thugs/they supply the guns, we supply the bodies with slugs/most of these crack-dealer-rappers are herbs/they 35, married, and livin’ in the burbs/makin’ money off of your lifestyle/but you idolize’em cause they move units and that’s wild/these labels ain’t fuckin’ with you if you ain’t coachable/ these labels ain’t fuckin’ with you if you ain’t approachable/see there’s more to life than rap and crack sales/but that info ain’t made readily available to black males/they shut down the conscious rastas, but talk about being a pimp you’ll get an Oscar/I’m sick of seeing y’all locked up and killed/and if the OG’s don’t tell ya, tell me who the fuck will?”
Living up to the title, you won’t

Ransom - Nobody Fuckin With Me & Max B- Blow Me A Dub

Jameel Saleem - I Like Good Girls

Shareefa ft. Jadakiss - On Fire

Shareefa ft. Jadakiss - On Fire

[[ This is a content summary only. ]]

Listen Here...

Jadakiss - Welcome To The Roc

Rappers & Hip Hop Songs Targeting Presidential Elections

With Obamania sweeping the country, people are buzzing about "Yes We Can," the song and video by Black Eyed Peas front man

It cleverly pieces together excerpts from Barack Obama's speeches, with artists and celebrities such as John Legend, Common, Kate Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger, Herbie Hancock, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Scarlett Johansson repeating the senator's words and phrases. The main hook is the Obama catch phrase "Yes We Can." said he was inspired to do the project by the speech Obama made just after losing the New Hampshire primary. I was present for that incredible oration, which made the crowd feel as if he actually had won. The song is now displayed on the Obama campaign Web site.

"Yes We Can" has prompted a lot of comments about a rapper finally making a song for a presidential candidate. But while "Yes We Can" is nice, it was by no means the first.

During the current contest, Common, among others, has expressed his support for Obama in song lyrics, most notably in his hit song 'The People'.

In the Bay Area, D'Labrie, of the national grass-roots Hip Hop Congress, and Kev Choice, the Oakland-based keyboard phenom and rapper, have recorded political songs. D'Labrie's is a remake of Mims' smash hit, "This Is Why I'm Hot," from last summer. D'Labrie replaced the title phrase with "Vote for Barack." On Super Tuesday, CNN played it in the background while going over the voting stats.

Kev Choice reworked the Sam Cooke classic "A Change Is Gonna Come," skillfully weaving in excerpts from Obama speeches with his own raps and a sampled chorus.

In earlier campaigns, numerous rappers got involved. In 2004, for example, Rappin' 4Tay teamed with Ohio candidate Dennis Kucinich, using excerpts from a Kucinich speech to record "Weapons of Mass Distraction."

In that same year, San Jose artist Ak-9ine released a popular song called 'Let My Nine Ring' which was an audio letter to the President warning about explosive conditions on the streets for young Black males. The song starts off with a catchy refrain that went 'Bush Gotta Go, Bush Gotta Go'.

Ak-9ine's popular song hit the number one spot on Public Enemy front man Chuck D's syndicated Worldwide Hip Hop countdown show. Speaking of which Chuck's legendary group Public Enemy released a rock inspired song called 'Son of a Bush' which they performed outside of the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston.

Ak-9ine' song was also prominently featured on the Slam Bush CD which was a compilation album that featured over 25 songs dedicated to getting Bush out of office. That particular CD was the result of a nationwide rap contest and tour where artists stepped up and offered choice lyrics bashing our commander and chief.

In addition to Ak-9ine, Slam Bush featured artists like Verbal Tech 'Dear Mr President', Wyclef Jean 'If I Were President', Azeem 'George Bush is a Gangsta', J Boogie, Zion I & Deuce Eclipse 'You're a Murdera', Jadakiss w/ 2Pac 'Why' rmx, The Perceptionists 'Memorial Day', Vanessa German 'Thank You' Saigon 'Shok TV', Channel Live 'Dear Mr President' Immortal Technique 'Cause of Death' and Wordsworth 'Slam Bush' which also had an accompanying video, just to name a few.

In the summer of 1992, Paris unveiled his infamous "Bush Killa," premiering the song before an audience of 22,000 at the KMEL Summer Jam. The Bay Area artist had hoped to put out a recorded version in time to influence that year's election and derail George H.W. Bush. But because of pressure exerted on his record label, the disc wasn't released until after the November election. Paris later received a visit from the Secret Service who had some questions about the content of the song. Paris went on record to note that 'Bush Killer' which opens up depicting him assassinating Bush was only a 'revenge fantasy'.

Paris' attempt to aggressively use his fan base to influence an election was on many levels in the same vein as a campaign his then label mates and fellow Bay Area rappers Digital Underground had been involved in two years prior.

After two people got stabbed at an under staffed KRS-One concert, the Berkeley City council put a moratorium on rap shows which was soon followed up by the city of Oakland. DU members along with other local rap artists came out to a contentious city council meeting. Group members promised that if the moratorium was not lifted that they would go back and record song advocating for fans to vote people out of office.

"We have over a million people doing the Humpty Dance, don't make us come out and record a song and get a million people to vote you out of office", were the parting words announced by group member and road manager Sleuth Pro toward the end of that contentious city council meeting. The rap ban was lifted with city council members stating that they would've done so without the political threat put forth by the group.

At a February 1995 press conference in Southern California with Snoop Dogg, MC Hammer and others, Tupac Shakur (2Pac) promised to unite fellow artists and their fans and create a voting bloc that would upset every national election until politicians became more accountable to the community. Sadly, he was killed a few months later.

Way back in 1984, when the Rev. Jesse Jackson became the second African-American to make a serious bid for the presidency, (Shirley Chisolm was the first) he bolstered his credentials by privately visiting Syria to help secure the release of a hostage, Navy Lt. Robert O. Goodman. Against all odds, Jackson succeeded, and even President Reagan was forced to acknowledge his achievement. Mele Mel, lead rapper of Grandmaster Flash, immortalized what Jackson had done in the song "Jesse."

It wasn't until much later, however, during an interview with Jackson, that I learned the former candidate didn't even hear Mele Mel's song until years after it was recorded, so it never played an official role in his campaign. Today, it seems hard to believe that the man at the pinnacle of the civil rights movement didn't cross paths with the band at the top of the hip-hop world.

As was mentioned earlier, over the years there have been a number of Hip Hop artists who have done songs aimed at the president during election time. In 04 we saw artists like Eminem ('Mosh') , Channel Live ('Mr President'), and famed San Jose producer Fredwreck who gathered together top recording artists like; Mobb Deep, KRS-One, Cypress Hill, tha Dogg Pound and Westside Connection among others to do a sstinging song called 'Dear Mr President'. The jury is still out as to what sort of impact these songs have had or can have.

Interestingly, Obama has not only embraced some of the songs written about him but has reached out to certain groups, notably the Roots. Questlove will soon do fund-raising events for Obama.

By contrast, the hip-hop supporters of Hillary Clinton, who include Timbaland, 50 Cent and Lupe Fiasco, have yet to create songs for her campaign.

Joe Buddens Mood Muzik 3: The Album

if i’m not mistaken he took off 3 songs, 2 skit, and added 2 songs.. those 2 being "un4given" and "4 walls" tracklisting follows
1 Dear Diary
2 Hiatus
3 Family Reunion - (with Ransom/Fabulous)
4 Get No Younger - (with EZO)
5 Un4given
6 All Of Me - (with Emanny)
7 Long Way To Go - (with Mr. Probz)
8 Thou Shall Not Fall
9 Ventilation
10 Warfare - (with Joell Ortiz)
11 Roll Call
12 Secrets
13 Send Him Our Love
14 Star Inside Of Me - (with Suzzy Q)
15 Still My Hood
16 4 Walls

Kay Slay Interview

Kool G Rap loads up his Full Extended Klip

His signature lisp and multisyllabic, occasionally rapid-fire, flow made him one of the most easily recognized and respected emcees to emerge during the golden era of Hip Hop, but unfortunately for fans of classic street narratives like “Ill Street Blues” and “Road To The Riches,” Kool G Rap has only released 3 proper full-lengths (‘95’s 4,5,6, ‘98’s Roots Of Evil and 2002’s The Giancana Story) since the golden era officially came to a close a little over 15 years ago.

But now the legendary lyricist is planning to follow-up his recently released EP with the LP his die-hard supporters have been anticipating for years. “I’m working on the Full Extended Klip right now,” Kool G Rap tells exclusively. “Hopefully towards the end of summer [it’ll drop]. Half A Klip was like an appetizer, just something to keep people knowing that G Rap is still out here, and now I’m gonna hit ‘em with a whole ‘nother project.”

His 9-cut Half A Klip, released two weeks ago [click here to read review], was just a warm-up for the full lyrical exercise G Rap has planned, an outing he assures fans will not be some repackaged version of his EP with a few additional tracks, but a completely new album with all original material. “It’s gonna be a whole new jump off,” he explains. “This was Half A Klip, I’m gonna put in a whole different clip now. This is the Full Extended Klip. We might just make these clips a series.”

For his Full Extended Klip G Rap plans to reunite with the producers who helmed Half A Klip, Marley Marl, Domingo, and maybe most notably DJ Premier, who constructed the centerpiece of G’s EP, the Haylie Duff-sampling “On The Rise Again.” In fact, an entire Kool G Rap solo project produced by Premo is not out of the question. “That’s something me and Premo gotta sit down and talk about,” says G. “That’s a whole ‘nother get down right there. But that’s something that can definitely be worked out. It’s not like it’s an impossible thing for it to happen, because me and Premo do got a good relationship and a good chemistry together. It’s definitely not rocket science that we should be put together.”

Hot Boys Reunion Shut Down Due To Gun Shots

NEW ORLEANS — The Hot Boys reunion at the club Dream here on Sunday night — featuring Lil Wayne, B.G, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh at club Dream — was over before it could even get started: Two 24-year-old women and a 26-year-old man were shot outside the venue by an unknown gunman at around 12:57 a.m. on Monday (February 18).

According to police, the victims were standing on the sidewalk and began running when they heard gunshots. The three were quickly taken to a local hospital, where their injuries were said to be not life-threatening; the venue was closed and the event canceled.

At press time, local police said they have no suspects or motive in the shooting.

None of the MCs had arrived at the venue by the time of the shooting. MTV News caught up with Wayne not long after the incident. He seemed optimistic that the Hot Boys reunion could be rescheduled, saying that it's "only a phone call away."

The reunion was planned to be a cap on this year's NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans; it would have been the first time in several years that the group had performed. Mannie Fresh was scheduled to take the place of original member Turk, who is currently incarcerated, and a number of MCs — including Rick Ross, Baby and DJ Khaled, along with a host of NBA players — were expected to attend.

Video: Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbot

WaTch Video

The NY Post Claims Obama Was Robbed In NY

February 16, 2008 -- Barack Obama's primary-night results were strikingly under recorded in several congressional districts around the city - in some cases leaving him with zero votes when, in fact, he had pulled in hundreds, the Board of Elections said today

Unofficial primary results gave Obama no votes in nearly 80 districts, including Harlem's 94th and other historically black areas - but many of those initial tallies proved to be wildly off the mark, the Board of Elections confirmed.
Truth is, in some districts getting a recount, the senator from Illinois is even close to defeating Hillary Clinton.

Initial results in the 94th District, for example, showed a 141-0 sweep for the New York senator, but Board of Elections spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez said today that the ongoing recount had changed the tally to 261-136.
As yet, none of the results has been certified, Vazquez said, adding that the Board of Elections had begun a painstaking ballot-by-ballot canvassing of all voting machines four days after the Feb. 5 election.

"We are doing a recanvass, and we will be counting all paper ballots, including absentee ones," Vazquez said.

"Some initial tallies had zeros, but it was most likely due to human error. Those were unofficial numbers, and no confirmed results have been released yet."

In a predominantly black Brooklyn district for which Clinton was given credit for a 118-0 victory on Primary Night, the Board of Elections' latest figures indicate that she may not even come out the winner - Obama currently has 116 votes to her 118.

Video: Bria Myles @ A Photoshoot

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, that what I call chocolate…Spotted @ CutieCentral

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Video: NBA Dunk Contest Round 1

Dunk 2 below

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Buju Banton ft. Trey Songz - Street Life(Produced By K-Salaam)

Trey SongzBuju Banton ft. Trey Songz - Street Life(Produced By K-Salaam)Video of Buju recording the track is below…props NJ Loves Misery

Live Coverage Of Pavlik/Taylor II!

Once again, HipHopDX is bringing you live coverage of the epic battle between Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor and Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik. Tune in for the main event beginning at 8:30pm PST/11:30pm EST. In the meanwhile, DX will keep you up to date with the explosive undercards.

Can Taylor get revenge after being viciously knocked out less than 5 months ago or will Pavlik maintain his dominance in brutal fashion over Taylor?
Expectations are high and DX will be the ONLY website that will give you live coverage ringside from the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas NV!

(6:40pm) There is a definite Youngstown Ohio crowd here to back Kelly Pavlik. It may not be Mayweather Vs Hatton but the atmosphere here is electric as fans begin to file into the MGM. The Youngstown attendees make themselves known as Pavlik's entrance into the arena flashes across the screens inside the arena. Ronald Hearns

(Tommy "Hitman" Hearns' son) finally disposes of Justin Astorga in the 8th round but many of us ringside are concerned about his ability to "close the show" as Hearns had multiple opportunities but didn't pull the trigger. It's time for the Bantamweights to make their way into the ring. Cristian Mijares is accompanied by a man in a luche libre mask. Got a few chuckles out of the fans.

(7:05pm) Mijares & Navarro are battling it out in front of a pretty distinct Hispanic contingency. Speaking of Hispanics, the great Julio Cesar Chavez is seated just a few rows in front of me. Something interesting I just noticed is all the Hip Hop being played between rounds. You would swear that 50 Cent was battling Fat Joe tonight. And they just played LL Cool J's "Boomin System" after round 4. I guess that's what happens when American Gangster is your sponsor. Even more hilarious was when they played USDA's "White Girl" when the lone white ring girl was doing her in between rounds walk.

(7:36pm) Who the hell is the DJ? Somebody is playing some jams at the fight. Pharcyde's "Runnin" just proceeded the 12th round but Mijares and Navarro are doing anything but running from each other. This fight is a brilliant war of attrition as neither seems to back down and is completely devoid from a lull of action. Whoever wins will have definitely earned it.
7:37pm) Who the hell was judging the Mijares vs Navarro fight??? When a fight seems to be as close as this one was, it is absolutely bewildering that a judge scored the fight a 120 - 108 shutout for Navarro. Most of us at ringside had it 115 - 113 either for Mijares or Navarro but a shutout? Amazing! Someone must look into this scoring atrocity.

(7:55 pm) Fernando Montiel is putting on a display of being economic with his punches as it seems that each and every punch he throws in landing squarely on the chin of Castillo. It's as if Castillo is enjoying being outclassed by Montiel. Oh and a big shout out to Judge Doug Tucker who scored the Navarro/Mijares fight as a shutout for Navarro. It'll probably be the last judging gig he gets for quite some time.

(8:04pm) Fernando Montiel put on a brutal display of accuracy and punching power as he completely deflated Martin Castillo with a vicious assault that lead to a 4th round KO. Lots of action that Taylor and Pavlik have to live up to.
(8:14pm) It is absolutely electric here at the MGM as a pro -Pavlik crowd begins their "Kelly, Kelly" chants. It's a pretty star studded event as Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Vince Vaughn, Roy Jones Jr, Tommy Hearns, Mario Lopez and others are all scattered in the arena. The main event is next as Jermain Taylor enters to One Republic's "Apologize." We shall see what he's apologizing for shortly...

Ronald Hearns defeated Justin Astorga via 8th round TKO
Cristian Mijares defeated Jose Navarro via split decision (Mijares retains WBC Jr. Bantamweight belt)
Fernando Montiel defeated Martin Castillo via 4th round KO (Montiel retains WBO Super Flyweight belt)
Kelly Pavlik defeated Jermain Taylor via unanimous decision

Dead Prez Concert Goes Wild In Washington

A Valentine's Day performance by Dead Prez in Olympia, Washington last night turned terribly wrong, when a brawl broke out in the crowd. As a result, officers invaded the concert and made arrests. and M1 the politically conscious rappers reportedly changed the performance song to "Fuck The Police," spawning major crowd support.

In the resulting melee, a police was overturned, a police laptop was stolen, and other Olympia Police Department possessions were taken. Reportedly, rocks were also thrown by crowd members at the officers.

No additional arrests were made. dead prez has yet to release a statement on the matter.

Were taking our streets back. Wether you like it or not. Dont be scared of Martial law it isnt much different then what were living in. The gun bans are following California's lead making it illegal to own even with a permit. Now there disarming us, its the time to act. Unless you want to fight a revolution with sticks.

VIDEO HERE or Click Title

Dead Prez - Warrior Heart

Pitbull bottled & bloodied at concert

Rapper Pitbull was forced to cut short a show in Texas last week after he was hit by a flying bottle hurled from the audience.
The Latino star was performing at Planeta Mexico in San Antonio when the incident happened.

Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, immediately dashed off the stage for treatment to his head wound.

Covered in blood, and holding a towel to his head, the tough guy rapper returned to perform another song before paramedics took him to hospital.

According to website, he received eight staples in his skull.

50 Cent's Ex-Girlfriend Gets A Paycut

50's baby-mama gets approximately one fourth of the child support she was receiving from the rap superstar.


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Swizz Beatz Goes Green With The Gap

Clothing retailer Gap completed their "Sound of Color" campaign today. The ad was conceived by assigning five artists a color and having them create an original song based upon the prearranged color. Rapper, producer and Full Surface Records founder Swizz Beatz teamed up with up-and-coming director Tom Gatsoulis on the song "Candy Green." Swizz has previously appeared in Gap advertisements, and will have the benefit of retaining the rights to his music after the month-long viral campaign is finished for Gap.

"I didn't want to do a song I wasn't comfortable giving to the DJs," Swizz tells Billboard. "I took the approach of, 'How would I use green in a painting without making green the main ingredient, and use it in the slickest way?'"
Gap director of advertising Jamie Gersch says the goal of the campaign is to connect with people via digital media and convey the emotion of the company's new spring line. Swizz is the sole Hip Hop artist featured in the campaign, which also includes the Ravonettes, Dntel, the Blakes and Marie Digby. The "Sound of Color" campaign isn't the first foray into the fashion world for Swizz Beatz, he also serves as a partner for Kid Robot.

Buckshot & 9th Wonder - Go All Out

Buckshot & 9th Wonder -  Go All OutSuper-Producer, 9th Wonder, formerly of Little Brother, has once again teamed up with legendary MC, Buckshot, of Black Moon, and the lead MC, of the...


Date Set for Gnarls Barkley Album

Gnarls Barkley has decided on April 8 as the release date for their second album, The Odd Couple. The album will be released on Downtown/Atlantic.
The album's first single, "Run," leaked recently, and is now making its rounds on radio. A video for the song is being directed by "the filmmaking team known as Happy," according to a press release.

A video for the second single "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" is currently in the works, and is being directed by Chris Milk, who also worked with Gnarls Barkley on their Grammy-nominated video for "Gone Daddy Gone." The duo plans to have a wide range of emerging flimmakers to produce further clips as well.
Gnarls Barkley has already begun planning a tour for The Odd Couple, which will include a July 27 show at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl on July 27, as well as numerous American and European summer festivals.

The Odd Couple is the follow-up to the duo's first album, St. Elsewhere. St. Elsewhere was both a critical and commercial success, selling over 1.3 million in the U.S. and seven Grammy nominations - and winning in the categories of "Best Alternative Music Album" and "Best Urban Alternative Performance."

Andre 3000 Gives His Opinion On Hip Hop

Carmelo Anthonys Wifey, La La, In Sports Illustrated

Pictures of La La in Sports Illustrated are below. I use to be feeling her back in the days, met her a few times at MTV and the old spice didn’t work on her.

'Thriller' tuned up for 25th birthday

"You were such a P.Y.T., catching all the lights. Just easy as A.B.C., that's how you make it right."

It should be a no-brainer. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the biggest-selling album in music history by reworking several of its best-known hits with today's hottest singers and producers should really be ... via Detroit Free Press


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Shyne's Father Elected Prime Minister of Belize

Last Friday (February 8th), the small Central American nation of Belize officially elected its first black prime minister, Dean Barrow.
If the last name Barrow sounds familiar, it should because Dean Oliver Barrow is the estranged father of currently incarcerated New York rapper Jamal “Shyne” Barrow (who after converting in 2006 to Judaism renamed himself Moses Michael Leviy).
56-year-old Dean Barrow, a former foreign minister, was elected over the incumbent Prime Minister Said Musa. Barrow’s United Democratic Party (UDP) defeated Musa’s People’s United Party (PUP) in convincing fashion, winning 25 of 31 constituencies. Barrow’s victory was only the third defeat in 53 years for the PUP, who have dominated Belizean politics.

"It's a great feeling. I'm extremely grateful and humbled," Barrow told Reuters of his win.

A former lawyer of Palestinian descent, Musa’s popularity had faded in recent years amidst embezzlement scandals and other financial mismanagement. Barrow ran pledging to end this corruption.

A nation of just 300,000 wedged between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize gained its independence from the British in 1981. Known for its laid-back Caribbean vibe, Belize is comprised of a diverse cultural mix of indigenous Maya, Mestizos and African-descended Creoles and Garifuna.

Tall and easy-going like the people of Belize, Dean Barrow sports a shaven head, making his appearance uncannily similar to that of his son. The former Bad Boy and Def Jam recording artist who was sentenced to 10 years for weapons possession and first-degree assault after the infamous December 1999 shooting at Club New York, Shyne is rumored to be released from prison sometime this year. When he is released it is also rumored that he will be joining his father in Belize as part of the first family. If true, this would mark a drastic shift in the relationship between father and son, as it has been previously reported that Shyne was raised by his mother in Brooklyn after his father refused to claim him, an event Shyne confirmed via “Quasi O.G.,” a track on his most recent release, 2004’s Godfather Buried Alive: “Imagine, grow'n up and never havin/Faggot ass pops actin like you never happened.”

Interview w/ Rising Female Hip Hop Artist Lil Spreezy

Lil Spreezy was listed as the 'Top 51 MySpace Rappers' In the December issue of Vibe Magazine, various features and collaborations with hip hop sensation Soulja Boy, Georgia Gurlz, Promise, Spark Dawg and many more to come. CHeck out the interview with Bani Chapman inside.


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HHEAL Fest: Hip Hop Educates and Advances Lives

The Hip Hop Association, in conjunction with the Social Services of Hip Hop, We Got Issues! and the Afro-Latin@ Project presents HHEAL Fest, a three-day celebration with interactive workshops, panels, film screenings, and performances that will focus on Hip Hop as a tool for education, immigrant history, media literacy, life skills and youth empowerment. Taking place from April 18-20 at the Raphael Hernandez School of the Performing Arts (IS 217) in the Bronx, HHEAL Fest combines the Hip Hop Education (H2Ed) Summit, Freshest Youth Program, and a third day dedicated to a town hall meeting and special tribute to the Founder of Hip Hop - Kool Herc and the First Lady of Hip Hop - Cindy Campbell in homage of their Jamaican roots.

Some of the presenters and speakers include Jineea Butler (Social Services of Hip Hop), Chris "Kazi" Rolle (Hip Hop Project), Jlove (We Got Issues! author of That White Girl), Franco Rosado (Deep Sea Entertainment), Martha Diaz (Hip Hop Association), Peter the Rapmathician, Dr. David Kirkland (NYU-Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development), Cristina Jimenez (New York State Young Leadership Council), Dr. Daniel Banks (NYU- Hip Hop Theater Lab), Dr. George Priestley (Afro-Latin@ Project), Sandy Shin (Breakthrough: Building Human Rights Culture), and Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell (HIP HOP Preserve).

Freshest Youth Program | April 18, 1-5 PM: Students from NYC Public Schools will participate in a day of activities that include media literacy workshop, film screenings, and Hip Hop aesthetic workshops (mcing, djing, break-dancing, graffiti, and beat-boxing) all for FREE. The Hip Hop Association, in collaboration with its community partners, offers youth a fresh perspective on learning, the arts, and social justice.

H2Ed Summit | April 19, 9:30 AM-5 PM: The H2Ed Summit brings together noted Hip Hop educators, historians, and community organizations to facilitate professional development workshops. The H2Ed Summit serves as a space for exchange of educational models, practices, theories, and multimedia training in order to build inter-generational relationships and future education leaders. There is a small fee of $25.00 to participate in this professional development summit.

Town Hall | April 20, 3-5 PM: The community is invited to partake in a town hall meeting entitled, The Truth About Immigrants. This forum will explore issues on heritage, race relations, and immigrant contributions. A special tribute dedicated to Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell to pay homage to their Jamaican roots.

Make sure to register by April 1 online at

About the Hip Hop Association:

The Hip Hop Association [H2A] is a 501(c)(3) media, education, and arts community building organization. Our projects are designed to encourage critical thinking, education reform, cross-cultural unity and civic engagement. The H2A empowers the community through the use of media, technology, resources, social entrepreneurship, and leadership development. We are producers of the largest annual international Hip Hop film festival, and Hip Hop Education forums.

About the Social Services of Hip Hop:

The Social Services of Hip Hop is a psychology based service agency that identifies and remedies issues that affect the growth of the Hip Hop community by presenting revenue generating and community building activities. The company serves as a technical assistance intermediary that organizes and enhances programs that interact with the Hip Hop Community. Our mission is to empower Hip Hop citizens to their maximum level of functioning by providing effective tools, resources and services.

About We Got Issues!:

We Got Issues! mission is to ignite the next generation of young women leaders and awaken a new brand of social/political activism in America. We accomplish this by training and development, outreach and education, and advocacy and recognition.

About the Afro-Latin@ Project:

The Afro-Latin@ Project aims to document, promote, and support the development of Afro-Latin@ studies and grass roots activities in the Americas, particularly in the United States.

Pete Rock: Unsung Hero

Pete Rock is, without question, one of the unsung legends of Hip Hop. The Bronx-born and Mt. Vernon-raised New York native earned his spot in the pantheon of Hip Hop’s greats by using elements of Jazz and Funk, to create classic Hip Hop music.

After rising to fame as one half of the critically acclaimed rap duo, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Pete Rock built and maintained a worldwide following, both as an artist, and a producer. With almost 20 years in the game, and a lengthy resume full of Hip Hop’s biggest names you would think he’d have no reason to keep pushing. But when you live what you love, there’s always more work to be done. Pete Rock is back once again with his new album, NY’s Finest. Not because he needs it, but because he loves


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Lil Wayne Indicted On Felony Drug & Weapons Charges

Following his arrest in Arizona last month, Lil' Wayne has been indicted on felony drug and weapons charges and is due back in court in three weeks.

As SOHH previously reported, Wayne was arrested on Tuesday, Jan. 22 in Yuma County, Ariz. after a Border Patrol dog alerted agents to the presence of illegal drugs on his bus. A search of the vehicle turned up 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy and $22,000 belonging to the rapper.

TMZ reported that officials also found a .40-caliber pistol registered to Wayne, who has a concealed weapons permit in Florida.

According to the Associated Press, Lil Wayne has pleaded not guilty to one count each of four charges: possession of a narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Weezy is currently on tour, but is due back in court on March 7.

This latest arrest is the last in a string of brushes with the law for Wayne - real name Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. In the past two years alone he has been arrested three times on drug charges, including this incident and once on gun charges.

DJ Khaled Signs We The Best Music Imprint To Def Jam

Despite becoming the biggest star signed to Koch Records, Miami deejay and Terror Squad member DJ Khaled has announced that his We The Best Music will be a partnership with Def Jam Records.

Khaled, who gained acclaim for his 2006 album Listennn, has gone on to become the primary deejay within the south, releasing albums filled with routine collaborations by Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Akon and Fat Joe. Collectively, his two releases have sold over 500,000 units and garnered radio play rarely seen by independent labels.

True to his way of speaking, Khaled commented on the deal. "I'm proud to be a member of the Def Jam family... I am extremely honored and excited to be a partner with them in We The Best Music. I look forward to creating great music and continuing the success. L.A., Shakir and Lenny S., are you ready? I am! Let’s go!"

The first artist in the deal is ACE, who appeared throughout Khaled's release. His information will be released by the label in coming weeks. At press time, label representatives have indicated that the artist will see a 2008 release.

Hip Hop Icon Professor Griff Looses Home in Explosion

It has come to the attention of the National Black United Front (NBUF) - Houston Chapter, hip hop icon Professor Griff suffered the loss of his home in Atlanta, Georgia Monday night, February 11, 2007.


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Tens of Thousands March on the Pentagon 3/ 17/07

This is what were up against when we march on D.C. This is from last year and its the perfect day to do it. The anniversary of the war in Iraq. We can coordinate our Ron Paul Rally with the Anti War movement. We could follow the same logic and if you cant make it to D.C. Protest in your capitol or closest city. The San Fransico march was as big as D.C.

Riot Police Block Buses and Deny Access to People Coming to the Demonstration

Congratulations to everyone who made it through the snow and freezing rain to get to Washington and join together in the tens of thousands and March on the Pentagon!

On the way to the Pentagon, March 17
Led by a contingent of Iraq war veterans, active-duty service-members, Gold Star families, and veterans from other past and present wars, the demonstration received a large amount of media coverage. CNN has featured the demonstration, which the report described as a march of tens of thousands, in its rotation since yesterday. The major French newspaper, Le Monde, ran a significant article under the headline, "More than 50,000 People Protest Against the War in Iraq," about the March on the Pentagon as the U.S. component of the world-wide protests marking the beginning of the fifth year of the war against Iraq. The rally was broadcast live on C-span and Al-Jazeera and received wide-spread media coverage. C-span will be replaying the rally, check for times.

Front banner for the March on the Pentagon
The March on the Pentagon was not a solitary action but one of more than 1,000 protests that will take place in the U.S. between March 17 and March 20. In Los Angeles, the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition called a demonstration that drew 50,000. Maxine Waters was one of many speakers and music was provided by renowned Ozomatli, Jackson Browne and Ben Harper.

The ANSWER demonstration on March 18 in San Francisco drew 40,000 protesters and filled 15 blocks of Market Street, a six-lane avenue.

The March on the Pentagon took place the day after a severe winter snow and sleet storm suddenly hit northeastern states that prevented many buses from traveling, 700 fights from taking off, and thousands of cars from reaching the March. Motorists were advised throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region to stay off the road. The large turnout at the demonstration was all the more significant given the hardships people had to endure to participate in the activity. People marched to the Pentagon and stayed as long as they could braving 20 mile-an-hour winds and a windchill factor into the teens.

A great thank you is owed to the committed volunteers who endured a torrential downpour of freezing rain though Friday night to help set up the assembly and rally sites. People stayed overnight with the equipment and then began working again at 5:00 am in complete darkness. The assembly area had become a lake on March 16 and filled with mud by the time the march stepped off. The windchill in the early hours was not far above zero. At the rally site the large tents and canopies blew down. Volunteers continued to work long hours after the rally ended to take-down, pack, clean the entire area and unload trucks. The anti-war movement is growing both numerically and its organizational capability and the tireless work of volunteers forms the core of this success.

The lead banner of the march demanding US Out of Iraq Now was carried by Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Jonathan Hutto co-founder of Appeal for Redress, Mahdi Bray, Executive Director of the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and youth and students in the anti-war movement.

Pentagon Prevents Immortal Technique and Others from Joining the Rally

Immortal Technique
The Pentagon and Virginia State Police, many clad in riot gear, wearing gas masks and wielding batons, blocked people coming from the subway/metro who wanted to attend the demonstration. They also blocked buses from accessing the Pentagon in contravention of the agreements reached in the permit. This required people to walk nearly two miles to get to their buses following the rally.

Many people who came to the rally after it had begun - some who had seen the huge march at a distance as it crossed over the Memorial Bridge across the roadways and wanted to then join the activity - were blocked by the Pentagon and the police from entering the rally site through a maze of misdirection, road closures and threats of arrest at multiple different locations. The ANSWER Coalition worked to get people in, and ANSWER organizers and our attorneys went to the site of sudden police confrontations and shutdowns, but many people were still unable to get in including the hip-hop artist Immortal Technique who was scheduled to perform.

Like so many other people, the hip-hop artist Immortal Technique's travel plans to get to the demonstration, seemed so daunting as to be virtually impossible. But due to his determination and his resourcefulness, he found a way to overcome cancelled flights and frozen roads. Although he rebooked flights in order to land in North Carolina, personally rented a car and drove it to Washington, D.C., the Pentagon and law enforcement blocked him from coming into the rally where he was going to perform. We urge everyone to read Immortal Technique's compelling account -- which is both a narrative and a political commentary. Immortal Technique's message below should be read and circulated to your e-mail address book and to e-mail lists everywhere.

Message from Immortal Technique:

Immortal Technique"First and foremost I would like to congratulate the organizers of ANSWER and in specific Brian, Amelia, Peta, and Sarah and the many others who reached out to me and who I saw make a powerful statement today. I am not a big fan of marches and rallies because I have always believed that the system must be attacked economically above all. But, if coordinated well, they can effect change and remind people that this war is still costing lives and no matter who the father of Anna Nicole's Baby is or who wins the next season of American Idol or what new song is on the radio, people are dying, both from this country and in massive numbers in the Iraqi Civil War. March 17th, even with all the problems we faced, was a success in reminding people of the insurmountable evidence of corruption, self righteous moral depravity, and dishonesty present within our government... Because we have issue with the administration we should not be painted as people who despise their country. If I am not pleased with a book I read or a movie I watch that doesn't mean I hate the concept of film in general or that I take issue with printed literature on a whole. The administration presently tries to attach itself to the idea of America as if they were the far right standard by which all should be judged by as Americans. This White House after all just concerns itself with the well being of its stock holders, make-shift praetorian guard of politicians and political contributors.

"The ANSWER coalition and others have been working to separate these two so people can see the Bush Regime as that which uses America like a whore and claims to love her.

"As most of you know the storms in and around the New York and NJ area prevented travel back home on the 16th. So in order to try and make the Pentagon on March 17th since my flight out of Atlanta was canceled I flew into Greensboro and drove through the radio span of about 54 Christian Radio, Top 40 and Country Music stations. There were some songs like this one right here that I had to listen to all the way through even though they were lyrically abhorrent. I guess it was just like people who slow down on the highway to watch a terrible car accident. Musical Rubbernecking is what I called it, to bear witness to just about the most ridiculous piece of musical propaganda that isn't based on any facts but rather someone’s uninformed and uncultured back road view of America and what we are fighting over. I only heard the song but now that I've seen the video, it really makes me wonder how anyone from the right wing can accuse the resistance of using music or religion to promote their political agenda. It also makes me wonder what the future generations of this nation will be like.

"At any rate after my arrival in DC late on the 16th I woke up and got ready to check out and go to the Pentagon when everywhere began to shut down. I went over the key bridge and parked in the South Parking of the Pentagon when I was abruptly told by Pentagon Police that I needed to get to the North Side. After some directional confusion and them closing 27 to prevent me from going in there, Sarah Sloan tirelessly guided me back through the maze of area highways. I was entering the North Parking at which point 2 Pentagon police motorcycles rolled up and sent me back, then after circling and trying again I was at the point where the entry was for all the buses entering. There 4 police cars detained me and asked me who I was and what my relationship was to the event. When I told them why I was there they immediately demanded that I leave. They claimed that other officers must not know that this section was closed. And I thought about how difficulty in communication across the parking lot was a blatant farce. One said I should park my car in one of the local parking lots and then try the underpass and walk in, which I did but by that time it was 3:30 and as I parked my car and walked in again there was a police presence there that was sending not just myself but everyone else back.

"They said they had to arrest people for walking in the wrong areas and for not respecting the boundaries and were basically just trying to dissuade anyone from the street who had seen the march from a distance from joining it. Several local residents were there with me and were told to leave as well. I took a bus towards Arlington and then they shut that passage down too. I say all this not to complain because I expected as much but to point out that we should expect this and if this is going to be done again we should have back up plans, people on the perimeter other ideas I’m thinking of discussing with ANSWER personally etc… Less than a football field away I was blocked, followed out, cornered by cop cars, surrounded twice and turned back several times. It was an attempt to discourage myself and others, to make it as difficult as legally and illegally possible during that period of time to get in. I didn't expect them to be hospitable or helpful in any way but they did nothing to stop the message or dissuade me in any way. In fact they just doubled my resolve and reaffirmed how committed and focused we have to be in these times.

Peace & Respect,

Immortal Technique


"This Administration talks a lot about God, so much that if you think about it the Republican Party has created this ubiquitous monopoly on religion in the political world. As if they were the only people who believed in God. It's no secret that they use religious values to cultivate a fan base that would normally be very disturbed by their domestic, economic, and foreign policy agendas. They are even breeding this type of thinking in the children of this nation, thinking much farther ahead than we are actually.

"You know about 3000 years ago there were Egyptians who worshipped the statues of Gods like Osiris and Anubis and thought praying to these pagan entities gave them strength, virility, victory and love. We now scoff at this practice and think "how could people be so ignorant as to worship such idols thinking they will bring them what they ask for?" We think how could people pray to a man with a dog's head or a man with a bird’s head and think that those deities will fulfill their humble requests from the heavens. But the sad truth is that 3000 years from now if humanity still exists people will probably look back on our society and say, "look at these people they prayed to a man nailed to piece of wood, and the saddest part was that they couldn't even follow the most basic commandment of what he said, which was treat others the way you wish to be treated." This coming from a person who while he doesn't let religion control his life, believes in God strongly, and knows how much Christ and others like him spoke about individuals who made money off of others suffering, people like our modern day war profiteers, globalization architects and oil barons.

"Knowing how Jesus brought drama to the Holy Temple back in the day because of the way the people had made the name of God into a mechanism to increase their own personal wealth... I think that the people who work for the administration and more specifically the president that are reading this right now should let him know that if Jesus was alive, he'd probably spit in your face."

From the Pentagon to California,
Antiwar protests sweep across the country

Thirty-seven years ago when anti-war protests began to engulf the United States, the Nixon administration adopted a public posture of utter indifference. Nixon went out of his way to claim that he didn't notice massive anti-war demonstrations in Washington because he was watching a football game on TV. We learned later from the memoirs of high government officials that the rising tide of anti-war protests between 1968 and 1970 constituted one of the greatest fears for the war makers. The movement spread deep into the rank-and-file of the U.S. military as well, as soldiers, marines and sailors carried out their own protests and acts of resistance. Sometimes the people underestimate their own power, but the ruling establishment knows all too well the consequences of a politicized and mobilized people.

Bush pleads for "patience"

It is the protests sweeping throughout the United States during the past four days and the prospect of other demonstrations to come that forced Bush to go on the airwaves Monday to "plead for patience." The Bush administration and the Pentagon high command fear that the protest movement could become a contagion. Politics is dynamic and political apathy, lethargy and inaction can turn into their opposites. The protests of the last days anchored by the march of tens of thousands at the Pentagon raises this specter for the White House and the Pentagon.

This is still an unfulfilled potential, but it can happen.

It will only be the actions of all anti-war organizations and the people that can significantly change the political climate. Many who came to the March on the Pentagon, and the many thousands who tried but couldn't because of the weather, are making their plans for local demonstrations, protests at local Federal Buildings, city-wide marches and rallies, community protests and vigils, civil disobedience and a range of ongoing actions building anti-war pressure into an irresistible force.

Protest and resistance

The next step for the ANSWER Coalition and many affiliated organizations and individuals is captured in the slogan, "Protest and Resistance," encouraging sustained activity including mass action protests on a local level, continued education and mobilization and acts of collective and individual resistance to the war machine. As happened during Vietnam, active-duty soldiers are beginning to participate in both protest and in acts of resistance. National coalitions play a role, as do local organizations as do all of us as individuals both inside and outside the military.

Media coverage on the spreading antiwar protests

For a very good round-up of the actions across the United States marking the beginning of the fifth year of the war in Iraq, listen to the coverage from the March 19 edition of "Democracy Now," hosted by Amy Goodman. To see the C-SPAN coverage of the March on the Pentagon, go to the C-SPAN homepage, and find "ANSWER Rally Against Iraq War."

The people repudiate pro-war thugs

The forces of ultra-right racism and militarism tried to "Swift Boat" the Washington protest. Wrapping themselves in American flags, groups like Rolling Thunder pretended to "defend" the Vietnam Memorial from threats that they themselves totally fabricated. (Operation Rolling Thunder was the name given to the U.S. Air Force's B-52 carpet-bombing of Vietnam between February 1965 and October 1968, in which thousands of Vietnamese civilians died each month.)

On March 17, these pro-war puppets showed their true colors. They shoved elderly people, screamed at parents whose children had been killed in Iraq, yelled racist comments at Arab and Muslim participants, and spit on and ripped signs out of the hands of high school students.

The government's police stood by and let this happen, despite their oft-repeated claims to be "keeping the peace." A very strong ANSWER security squad blocked these pro-Bush provocateurs from entering the front of the march. Anti-war protestors were disciplined and focused and refused to be provoked into the confrontation the government was hoping for. The enormous power of the people was felt as all those from around the country fighting to stop the war came together, rendering the sideline fascists irrelevant, and marched united on the Pentagon.

Real Talk With Soulja Boy Tell Em

Purchase SouljaBoyTellEm.Com Soulja Boy talks to RealTalkNY about his plans for 08, critics, how he got started making beats for himself. The Grammy nominated rapper speaks.

Hot Boys Reunion Planned for All-Star Weekend

A New Orleans club Dream will reportedly be hosting a full-fledged Hot Boys reunion during the NBA All-Star weekend.

The club, located at 309 Decatur Ave. has advertised on its website and on flyers that Lil' Wayne, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile and B.G. will all be attending. Turk, the only original member who will not be making it to the event, is currently incarcerated after being convicted for attempted murder.
According to XXL, the reunion is the finale to a three day All-Star celebration, which begins on Friday (Feb. 15) with a "Welcome to New Orleans" kick-off party hosted by NBA stars Chris Paul and Baron Davis. The next day's main event will be a "$100 Million Players Ball" with Lil' Wayne, Juelz Santana and Rocik Ross. Finally, the Hot Boys reunion will round out the event on Sunday.
The Hot Boys disbanded after claims of mismanaged money by Cash Money founder Bryan "Baby" Williams arose. The group debuted in 1997.

The Making Of Mood Muzik 3: The Moodiest Blues

Joe Budden, DJ On Point and Team Jump Off discuss the making of the latest edition in long-lasting mixtapes.


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Stop The Madness: 40 Glocc Tapes An Attack On A Homeless Man

What is the point of putting this up on youtube? This is suppose to be good promo for an album?

Episode 26 - Lupe Fiasco

In this episode we have Chicago's Lupe Fiasco speaking on racism today.


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The Game headed to jail for gun charges

The Game was sentenced to 60 days in Los Angeles County jail for felony firearm charges. The Game pleaded no contest for carrying a fire arm in a school zone. Last February during a pick game of basketball at the Rita Walter Educational Complex in south Los Angeles, police say Jayceon Taylor punched a man in the face and the proceeded to get his gun from his Cadillac to shoot the man.
He is also getting 3 years of probation and must complete 1500 hours of community service. The Game decided to plead no contest and serve the two months in jail to save millions he would otherwise spend on the trial. I thought The Game was doing well enough to spend some bread… btw, keep in mind that California follows the 3-strike law, which is a minimum of 25 years…

Episode 6 - Young Jeezy

In this episode we get a special interview with Def Jam's Young Jeezy when he is in the studio. Check it.


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Episode 9 - Fabolous

F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S You know his name, now get right and watch the episode.


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Episode 13 - Mike Jones

In this episode we have Mike Jones speaking on DJ Screw, Rap-A-Lot, his Grandma and more!


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Snoop Dogg's Album Pushed Up to March

Snoop Dogg's upcoming album Ego Trippin', which was originally due in May, has been pushed up to a release date of March 11.

Interscope announced that they would be pushing the album up, which is reportedly to capitalize on the success of Snoop's current single for the album, "Sensual Seduction." The song, which is making its rounds on radio and television, is currently No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ego Trippin' also features "Never Hafta Worry," a recently leaked track that has Snoop giving an account of his storied career has an emcee. The song touches on, among other things, his time at Death Row Records and his murder trial.
Ego Trippin' will also feature the songs "Hollywood Nights" and "Press Play," the latter of which uses a sample from the Isely Brothers' "Atlantis."

Tupac Remembered: Bearing Witness to a Life and Legacy

Releasing later this month is the fourth book released under the Amaru Company, and spearheaded by hip hop icon Tupac Shakur’s (2Pac) mother Afeni Shakur.

The book “Tupac Remembered: Bearing Witness to a Life and Legacy”, Was Authored and Edited by Molly Monjauze with Gloria Cox and Staci Robinson.

“Tupac Remembered: Bearing Witness to a Life and Legacy” will be hitting stores later this month, (February of 2008).

‘Tupac Remembered: Bearing Witness to a Life and Legacy’ features the most candid interviews from those who have the most cherished memories of the hip hop icon "Pac", in their own words.

Personal snapshots and remembrances shed light on the many personas of Tupac (2Pac), who even a decade after his death remains one of the hip hop and rap industry's most complicated and enduring artists.

Contributors to this project include many hip hop and rap notables such as Jada Pinkett-Smith (with whom Tupac went to Baltimore School for the Arts), Jasmine Guy, Dr. Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Big Syke, Shock G, Russell Simmons, Sekyiwa, Mutulu Shakur, Snoop Dogg, The Outlawz, Kevin Powell, Common, E40, Talib Kweli, Baron Davis, Eminem, Treach, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Andre Benjamin and Big Boi of Outkast and many others.

What is the name of ‘The Artistic Birthplace’ where Leila Steinberg planted seeds that helped mold Legendary hip hop icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac)?

A little about the authors:

Molly Monjauze worked closely with Tupac Shakur (2Pac) during his lifetime, and since his death has assisted the Shakur family with compiling unreleased Tupac materials. Molly Monjauze has also been the project Director/Supervisor on some of the past Tupac album projects including ‘Better Dayz’ and ‘Until the End of Time’. She also did the A&R for Tupac’s ‘The Rose’ and ‘Pac’s Life’ albums. She was a good friend of Tupac, later she was his personal assistant and worked with him at Tupac’s Euphanasia Company. She lives in Los Angeles.

Staci (Robinson) Peterson is an author. Staci met Tupac through friends at Tamalpais High School. Staci has worked on several projects for the Estate of Tupac Shakur and has conducted over fifty interviews about Tupac since he was murdered. In 2003 she accepted an offer to research and conduct interviews for the upcoming Official Tupac Shakur biography. Her first novel ‘Interceptions’ is also out now. Currently she is editing her second novel ‘Letter’s from Heaven’ and is writing her third novel titled ‘Beneath the Redwoods’. Please visit her web site at

Gloria Cox is Afeni Shakur's sister and Tupac's (2Pac) aunt. She was a great influence throughout Tupac's life. She has consulted on countless Tupac projects throughout his posthumous career, including the Academy Award nominated Tupac: Resurrection.

About Chronicle Books

One of the most admired and respected publishing companies in the U.S., Chronicle Books was founded in 1967 and over the years has developed a reputation for award-winning, innovative books. Recognized as one of the 50 best small companies to work for in the U.S. (and the only independent publisher to receive this award), the company continues to challenge conventional publishing wisdom, setting trends in both subject and format, maintaining a list that includes much admired illustrated books and gift products in design, art, architecture, photography, food, lifestyle, pop culture, and acclaimed children's titles. Chronicle Books' objective is to create and distribute exceptional publishing that's instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value. For more information about Chronicle Books, visit .

About TASF

The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation (TASF) was founded by Afeni Shakur to provide training and support to artists who aspire to enhance their creative talents. TASF fosters an environment that encourages freedom of expression, serves as a resource for the arts, and empowers through education. To date, more than 700 students have benefited from the program with a broad range of training available via the Annual Performing Arts Day Camp held at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts (home of the Foundation in Stone Mountain, Georgia).

A portion of the profits will go to The Tupac Amauru Shakur Foundation for the Arts.

To Pre-Order Tupac Remembered: Bearing Witness to a Life and Legacy click HERE