UPDATE: William Balfour Formally Indicted on Murder Charges

Jennifer Hudson's brother-in-law faces first-degree murder charges for role in October slayings.


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Skillz - The Rap Up (2002 - 2008)

Skillz - 2008 Rap UpI’m always looking forward to Skillz’ annual (W)Rap Up, in part because it caps off the year with a lighthearted moment, and in part because it inspired the name of this blog. Victims of this year’s Rap Up include: R.Kelly, Kanye, K-Ci & Jojo, Bow Wow, Jim Jones, George Bush, and [...]


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Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/28/08

808's & Heartbreak cracks the million mark, DJ Drama shows chart dedication, as T.I. and Wayne climb high.


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Stat Quo - Deliver Me

Deliver Me : Off "QuoCity" dropping January 1st Download : Stat Quo - Deliver Me-Hip Hop MP3


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Tru Life Says He Left Def Jam, Sticking With Jay-Z

Contrary to "dropped" rumors, the L.E.S. rapper says he dipped early and still throws up diamonds and stacks.


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Music Skins Teams With Billboard, Tupac Skin Released

The company for mobile device covers align with Billboard for new designs, joint online storefront.


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Recession-Proof Cars

While we’re all griping about yet another handout to the least-deserving, worst-performing businesses in this country, there’s something especially galling about this one to many of us who cover the auto biz. See, while we often get accused of rooting against the domestics, that’s a downright lie. The problem isn’t that American carmakers can’t build [...]


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The Roots - Lovely, Love My Family (Nick Jr.) Video

Tired of pandering to OkayPlayer crowd, the Roots are now vying for support from Yo Gabba Gabba watchers everywhere. Their latest video finds ?uesto and company performing “Lovely, Love My Family” for the Nick Jr. network. It’s funny and pleasant at the same time.Watch the video here. [Thanks, Q]


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The Game Gives Keys 2 The City A Look At His Diet

Jayceon says he never gets fat despite burgers and ice cream, says southern women aren't spoiled like L.A. talent.


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Señor Kaos

Vintage Imperial representative Señor Kaos is riding the buzz of his newest release, Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything Version 2.0. The free project is an unmixed mixtape with plenty of proof that substance and content still count. URB.com, Creative Loafing, TheOvun and DJBooth.net have all co-signed the release as must-have. Bloggers are also supporting tremendously, with plugs on Smoking Section, Rock The Dub, Lavish Life Social Club, and tons more. The mixtape features production from Kanye West, SL One, DJ Rob Wonder, Johnny Euphonic, and a posse of extraordinary beat conducters, alongside cameos from Grand Agent, Amdex, Collective Efforts, and Jax (Binkis Recs).

Content, Delivery, and Showmanship are the three core values for Atlanta emcee Señor Kaos, an emerging lyricist whos unique approach to hip hop has sent him around the Globe. As an Emcee, Marketer, and Blogger, this artist’s persona and work ethic makes it hard to disagree with his self-proclaimed title as “Cultural Influencer.”

Señor Kaos emerges from a dissolving Hip Hop world where who you know, means more than what you do, representing what Hip Hop was and what it should be today.

With Hip Hop culture changing across the board and becoming over – saturated with the same stories of poverty, violence, and ignorance, the opportunity for a new voice to be heard is evident. “What you are all witnessing is the metamorphosis from a young hopeful to the leader of the new school. Señor Kaos is a true undergound monarch.” – Performer Magazine

Kaos got his start in the music business at just 15 years old where he would sneak into local nightclub’s, and enter MC battles, open mics, etc. At 20 years old Kaos was able to finance, secure distribution and release his own record independently. “I worked a telemarketing job to finance my first project. After securing distribution for it’s release, it went on to sell 2,000 copies with no major radio play, no video, and no press. “

By the age of 22 with clever content and a great stage show, Kaos’ music has allowed him to see crowds all over, from the U.S., Australia, and Japan.

Over the years Señor Kaos has shared the stage with artists and DJ’s such as:

MF DOOM, Jazzy Jeff, Big Daddy Kane, Pharoahe Monch, Slum Village, Clipse, Little Brother, Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline, Maskpyke, Maseo(De La Soul), Pete Rock, Biz Markie, Raekwon and Ghostface (Wu-Tang), Ali Shaheed Muhammed(ATCQ), Termanology, Prince Paul, Tony Touch, Dj Premier, Questlove, Mad Skillz, Akrobatik, Jeru The Damaja, Del The Funky Homosapien and many others.

In 2003 as Kaos became more frustrated with the stagnant state of the music industry, his passion for promotion and coordinating led him to create Vintage Imperial Marketing and Promotion a lifestyle marketing company that specializes in Branding, Consulting, Sampling, and Guerilla Marketing.

At 25 years of age this young self -made businessman shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

“I have a passion for being around good music and good people, and I’m lucky enough to make a living being around both.”

Señor Kaos’ advice to other aspiring artist: “You have to define what you own definition of success is. For some artist selling a million records defines success, for others touring the world is success. You have to figure out what works for you. My goal as an emcee is to share my perspective of life through musical poetry that will appeal to all open minds. Making a living doing what I Love, that’s success to me.”

“Learn the name. Remember the face. This man deserves respect.” – The Smoking Section

“This is music made by someone who really believes in music, and the results are astonishing.” – The Signal Newspaper

“The music grabbed me as soon as it came on.” - Southeasthiphop.com

“Kaos offers a strong single that fits into the best of hip hop traditions of good beats and good rhymes.” - Urbansmarts.com

“One of the most complete joints I’ve heard this year.” Undergroundhiphop.com

“Remember those Kellogg’s cereal variety packs back in the day? Well…this record is sort of like those, no matter what you are looking for, it’s got it.” - Manhunt.com

“He rhymes like he’s still in the park and rap never made it to Madison Square Garden.” - Southeast Performer Magazine

“Maybe someday he’ll help lead a revolution of artistic integrity in Hip Hop, but for now he’s an explosive and eclectic force to be reckoned with.” – Southeast Performer Magazine

“This young man has put in too much work to not get put on.” – Dj Booth.net

For More Information on Señor Kaos Please Be Sure To Visit:





Akon Smacks Chelsea Latelys Assets

The big homie Akon gets physical with late night queen Chelsea Lately.PS. If you been wondering where YoRapper been, I just got back from Vegas. Hit up my brother’s wedding shout out to that fool.Spotted at: YoRapper.comAkon Smacks Chelsea Lately’s AssetsSimilar Posts:T.I. Gets Candid With Chelsea LatelyCokehead DMX Says “Fuck Def Jam”Jay-Z -I KnowTurned Crack [...]


Andre 3000 Hit With $2 Million Lawsuit

Andre 3000 of Outkast and the Cartoon Network are sued over allegedly stealing the premise Dre's "Class of 3000" cartoon.


Keyshia Cole ft. Nas - Oh Oh, Yeah Yeah

New Keyshia Cole feat. Nasty Nas-Hip Hop MP3/ Nas, Keyshia cole


Yak Ballz - Dirt Empire Music Video

Where would the Internet be without 1200 new music videos? This latest one comes to you via Yak Ballz, whose Scifentology II is in stores now. “Dirt Empire” was produced by the one and only Aesop Rock.


News Bits (The Parker Report, E-40, Murs Contests)

Erik Parker and MTV2 dissect the west coast with The Game and Xzibit, while 40 Water offers gifts to remixers.


UK Radio Deejay Suspended After Playing "Arab Money"

Busta Rhymes' new single caused a commotion in England and Scotland, causing a suspension and apologies.


MC Breed was found dead

Michigan, Flint rapper, MC Breed, was found dead on Saturday (November 22) his manager confirmed. The rapper was just 36 years old.

Eric Breed (ca. 1972 - November 22, 2008), better known as MC Breed was a Flint, Michigan-based rapper best known for his singles "Ain’t No Future in Yo Frontin", which peaked at #66 on the Billboard Hot 100, and "Gotta Get Mine", featuring 2Pac, that made it to #6 on the Hot Rap Singles.

Born in Flint, Michigan, Breed is also known as the first commercially successful rapper to come out of the Midwest. MC Breed’s first album was released with rap group DFC and was entitled MC Breed & DFC for independent record label, SDEG Records. His solo debut was 1992’s 20 Below, after which he released 1993’s The New Breed. He would go on to have a very extensive discography and have a very long career that was at times successful, but he never fully broke into the mainstream. His highest charting album was 1994’s Funkafied, which peaked at #106 on the Billboard Hot 200. Through his career he would align himself with various rap scenes.

Early in his career with DFC him and the group were rather independent, as one of the first groups out of the midwest. However, later in his career he aligned himiself with the West Coast, taking on more of a G-Funk sound and befriending West Coast rapper Too Short. Still later, he realigned himself once again with the Dirty South for 1995’s Big Baller.

On April 2, 2008, Breed was arrested in Flint, Michigan after repeatedly failing to keep up his child support payments. His bail was set at $18,000.

On September 5, 2008 the rapper was hospitalized and placed on life-support after he collapsed when his kidneys failed during a game of pickup basketball.On November 22, 2008, Breed reportedly died in his sleep.

Dr. Dre Drops Detox For Eminem Album

Looks like the shell game over at Interscope Records won’t be ending any time soon. After several false starts and unspecified release dates regarding Dr. Dre and Eminem’s long-delayed projects, label head Jimmy Iovine recently provided some hope for at least one of the discs to hit shelves before 2008 fades away. In a recent interview with Billboard, Iovine revealed that Dre is putting the freeze on Detox to help put the final touches on Marshall’s next opus.

“Eminem was always coming next year,” he revealed. “But what happened was, I lost Dr. Dre to Eminem. Dre had to stop making his album to finish Eminem’s album. Eminem hit a streak, and when a guy like Eminem gets on fire, you stop everything. That’s how we lost Dre.”

Don’t fret, though, as Iovine says we’ve only lost the Good Doc for a few months. “Dre’s going back in in January. He’ll be finished with Eminem by then, and he’ll finish his album.”

While Iovine provided forward progress regarding his marquee artists’ releases, he was still tight-lipped on specific release dates and a title for Em’s fifth solo LP.

Lil Keke ft. Paul Wall and Bun B - Chunk Up A Deuce

[Chorus: Lil Keke]
I chunk up the deuce for the South and the North
Boys talkin down and boys wanna hate
I chunk up the deuce for the South and the North
Boys talkin down I got them diamonds in my mouth

[Verse 1: Paul Wall]
Well it's that grain grippa from Houston, Tex
That bar sippa, that bar no plex
I'm straight up outta that Swishahouse
Where G. Dash write all the checks
So check the neck, check the wrist
I'm balla status from head to toe
My jewelry shop sell more grills
Than George Foreman, baby now ya know
That ain't a igloo, that's my watch
And that ain't snow, baby that's my chain
That's not a ice girl, that's my teeth
And that's not a snowcone, that's my ring
It ain't Kool-Aid up in my cup
I stay sippin that purple oil
I stay flippin the slab on 4's
Cuz I'm a hustla til I'm in the soil
My wrist game is one of a kind
Patek Philippe worth 100K
My work schedule out on the block
It's mash all night and grind all day
No 401K for a hustler
Just bleed the block and stack that paper
M.O.B. when it come to hoes
And a 40 cal when it come to haters
We authentic players not counterfeit
Got a 600 Benz with a fall kit
Got hoes at the HK turnin tricks
Out runnin the tracks tryina make me rich
I'm too legit to quit
Stackin up that paper til I'm gone
So I'ma be workin wood wheel and catchin splinters
Ridin 20 inches or better of chrome

[Chorus: Lil Keke]
I chunk up the deuce for the South and the North
Boys talkin down and boys wanna hate
I chunk up the deuce for the South and the North
Boys talkin down I got them diamonds in my mouth

[Verse 2: Lil Keke]
(Don Ke!)
Houston Tex got the streets burnin
Poppin seals with them 4's turnin
Rookie boys they still learnin
Losin' cash, I'm still earnin
Get my bread while I shake the fed
Keep them dimes in and out my bed
Jump in the drop to convert the top
And let em bop on candy red
Leather seats with that wood out
They don't know what my hood 'bout
Tryin to take the young Don's spot
I'm platinum ball and still hot
Haters off in my mix again
Pimpin broads plus pimpin pens
Multiplyin, I gotta win
Keep that ice lookin clear as gin
Out tha roof still chunkin deuce
Ridin slab and hoppin juice
Diamond grill with play and skills
Just pass the mic and I'll let it loose
Independent, still chasin bucks
22's on Porshe trucks
Model chicks with them big ol' bucks
Killa clans with them big ol' nuts
Hit the club with my game tight
Hoe's boppin my fame right
Did her thang the same night
Boys talkin it's all hype
Cut the check when I run my mouth
Rollin green like I'm playing golf
Texas boys be goin' off
Representin' that North and South

[Chorus: Lil Keke]
I chunk up the deuce for the South and the North
Boys talkin down and boys wanna hate
I chunk up the deuce for the South and the North
Boys talkin down I got them diamonds in my mouth

[Verse 3: Bun B]
From tha land of grain (grain)
Candy paint (paint)
84's and the chrome grill
It's Texas baby (ha)
Dirty south (south)
P-A-T, you know we real
We packin K's (K's)
Desert Eag's (Eag's)
AR's and them 38's
We servin nothin' but China White
Playa we don't sell that dirty weight
Big Bun B-da
Holdin it down (down)
Rep the town to the fullest (fullest)
Whether it be on the mic or in them streets
Bustin them bullets (bullets)
Don't pull it with me (with me)
I won't pull it on you
And leave you ventilated
UGK is back on the block
And you marks is finna hate it

Jedi Mind Tricks - Trail Of Lies Lyrics & sample

[ Lyrics ]
"So, another year, another drama
She reportedly collapsed at a Hollywood night club
She looked like she was on something
[indistinct] intoxicated

In the land of make believe you are mine
In the land of make believe Im doing fine
In the land of make believe you are mine
In the land of make believe Im doing fine

Turn the television off cousin, that aint nothing for a girl to see
I got a niece and best believe she means the world to me
And she dont need to see the shit they think a girl should be
Ninety-pound skinny bitches, that aint even girl to me
Essentially that shit designed to take a hold of you
Telling lies to your vision, take control of you
They find different ways to take your fucken soul from you
A show about a model make your self-esteem low for you
Everything is fake trust me no one that lovely
I met alotta famous people and they fat and ugly
I aint any better I just think the fact is funny
Dads will take a little girl and pimp her for the cash and money
And whats going to become of them in like fifty years?
When Hannah Montana turning into Britney Spears
They chew you up and spit you out cuz no one really cares
And aint nobody going to hold you when youre really scared
Where their parents at cousin this is really bad
Is this the mutha fucken manager or really Dad?
Is he concerned about his daughter or his silly pad?
This aint going to change nothing, I just think its really sad

In the land of make believe you are mine
In the land of make believe Im doing fine
In the land of make believe you are mine
In the land of make believe Im doing fine

Turn the television off cousin, its a tool for them to clog the mind
Conservatism, liberalism, they divide the line
The natural feelings of a child is to be calm and kind
Then they show you as for the marines and they decide its time
So they can send you to a war behind their fathers crime
Then send you home missing a limb and not provide a dime
Then the news tell you the cops is on the block for people
Ima put it plain and simple, cops is evil
Take the television show Cops for example
Thats the shit they want America to watch and sample
Never showing you how dirty they really is
And that they hide behind their badges and that they really bitch
I aint never met a pig in my life, that I aint want to catch a body on a jig of my knife
Thats another fucken topic for another day
Ima tell you how they try to get you in another way
They tell you theres something wrong with you, you need their drugs
But their aint nothing fucken wrong with you they being thugs
They sell drugs in commercials at the same time
Like a mother fucken up for the same crime

In the land of make believe you are mine
In the land of make believe Im doing fine
In the land of make believe you are mine
In the land of make believe Im doing fine"

Alchemist Explains Prodigy's Penitentiary Philosophy, Refutes Illness Rumors

Despite being in the middle of serving a three year sentence for weapons possession [click to read], Mobb Deep's Prodigy has continued to make headlines. In addition to blogging for several media outlets, P has been sounding off on everything from his disdain of Jay-Z [click to read] to his thoughts on politics. While speaking exclusively with RealRapnewz Prodigy's friend and frequent collaborator, Alchemist, gave his take on the situation.

"There was some talk on the Internet about him being sick or something, and that’s just nonsense," Al tells RealRapNewz. "He’s actually healthier than I’ve seen him in a long time. I went to see him a bunch of times, and we send letters back and forth to keep in touch. His son is my little homie; I take him skateboarding and stay in touch with the family. P’s holding it down. Last time I saw him he was looking kinda brolic, like he’s been in there doing his push ups."

As far as P's take on world events, Alchemist believes there's a method to the madness, saying, "There’s nothing he wouldn’t imagine as a possibility, and he’s educated. He’s the type of guy who reads a lot, and he’s non-biased. So I give him credit—it’s not like he’s just speaking out the side of his neck."

When asked if Prodigy's world views influenced him to name is new EP [click to read] after the controversial Alchemist's Cookbook, the always in-demand producer explained his own formula for interpreting world events.

"I stay aware of everything," Al says. "I'm probably more leery than him. I check everything out, and I take everything with a grain of salt. I keep an open mind and read stuff. The truest thing is that ignorance is bliss. A lot of people aren't equipped to process a lot of the info that's out there, as far as the necessary evils of this world are concerned. That's when people start bugging out and falling down the rabbit hole. Next thing you know, you're looking at them like, 'This guy is out of his mind

Kanye Wants to Be Elvis?

Here’s some screen time of Yeezy accepting the award for Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Album for Graduation at the American Music Awards. Inside watch Kanye perform “Heartless”.Spotted at: YoRapper.comKanye Wants to Be Elvis?Similar Posts:Kanye’s Turning Into a Weirdo: Love Lockdown?Mr. Hudson Performs “There Will Be Tears”Kanye West Performs “Love Lockdown” on KimmelExclusive: Kanye Crying at MTV VMA [...]


R. Kelly's Nephew Charged With Attempted Murder

R. Kelly's 16 year-old nephew has been charged with attempted murder following a failed robbery.


Shawty Los Goons Vs T.I.s Goons

There apparently was a free for all between T.I.’s goblins against Shawty Lo’s goons at The Dirty Awards. The above footage shows a melee break out while Shawty Lo et all are performing. Apparently, Grand Hustle artist AlfaMega tapped up a few of Shawty Lo’s homies while being maced by La policaSpotted at: YoRapper.comShawty Lo’s [...]


50 Cent Starts Filming "Dead Man Running" Movie

50 Cent Starts Filming "Dead Man Running" Movie Rapper 50 Cent began shooting his role in the upcoming London gangland movie "Dead Man Running" today (November 19). 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, is playing the role of a loan shark in the movie which tells the story of an ex-con who is trying to go straight and has just 24 hours to raise $150,000 to pay off Jackson's character. Jackson joins a cast including Brenda Blethyn ("Secrets And...


DJ Premier: Ludacris is in my Top 20?

DJ Premier produced a song called “MVP” on Luda’s 6th album, Theater of the Mind. This video captures Premo working his musical magic. He also takes time out to name some of the MCs in his Top 20 and Luda makes the list somehow.


Kim Kardashian Photo Shoot

Real Rap News are huge fans of Kim Kardashian body parts and so anytime we find out we can acquire footage of her, we go out of our way to get our hands on it. Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Vegas Magazine for November and here is the video footage to prove it.

Watch Kim Kardashian Behind the Scenes Footage

Balla P - Life Of A Jak Boy - Album Snippet

Balla P the West Palm Beach representative comes hard with a album preview of Life Of A Jak Boy. The Florida rapper debut album will be out in March.


Rappers Respond To Obama?s Election

Following Tuesday night’s historic election of Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the United States, HipHopDX reached out to a few of Hip Hop’s most respected emcees to get their reaction to the election of the nation’s first black president, as well as their thoughts on how Hip Hop played an instrumental role in accomplishing that once unthinkable feat, and how our culture should direct its grievances against the national government during an Obama administration.

All the artists DX spoke to yesterday were clearly relieved when at roughly 11 p.m. eastern standard time on November 4, 2008 Obama was officially declared the victor of this year’s Presidential contest, marking the beginning of the end of the tumultuous presidency of George W. Bush.

“Congratulations to every American, to every person who has endured the last 8 years of psychological oppression,” offered Queens emcee Consequence when asked what his reaction was to Obama’s win.

Like millions of his fellow citizens, legendary southern spitter Bun B was deeply touched by the magnitude of the history made on Tuesday. “[Watching] last night I felt like everybody had to [want to] shed a tear,” said Bun. “It was a few seconds of shock. And after it really set in it [was] a real feeling of elation, not so much a jump up and down and scream [feeling], but like a real sense of accomplishment.”

That accomplishment was at least in some part facilitated by a three-decade-old culture that has united Americans of all races and backgrounds.

“I think it’s important that Hip Hop not understate its role,” said one of the culture’s most powerful political voices, Killer Mike, of the Hip Hop generation’s influence over the presidential election. “I’ve always viewed Hip Hop, because it was organized for young people by young people as an alternative to violence, as more than a music but actually the extension of civil rights. Because of that, Hip Hop has brought, for 35 years, people – black, white, Asian, Latin – together under the muse of music. And it has grown a generation of people who are so accustomed to being around one another that slowly certain myths [about one another] began to fall…So I think Hip Hop has a significant slice [of credit for Obama’s victory] because Hip Hop exposed us to one another before politics did. Hip Hop has done wonders in terms of breaking down the false walls of racial differences in this country. It’s brought us in big part to this point. Thank God for the art form of Hip Hop.”

“With Diddy and Jay-Z and Mary running around with the Obama [“Countdown to Change” rallies], I know they touched a lot of people, [even] me voting,” added East Coast jewel-dropper AZ. “This was my first time voting. And me standing on lines and seeing my peers, my A-Alikes, a lot of street brothers, it was like, ‘Wow, they brought out the whole Hip Hop community.’ And you know Hip Hop rules the world at the end of the day. [So] I know it played a major part in just bringing more people to [the polls].”

But in the wake of Obama’s election to the presidency, some are concerned that with Hip Hop artists playing such a vital role in aiding to obtain that victory they may now feel pressured, either by internal forces or external ones, to mute their criticisms of the national government.

“No, not at all,” replied Bun B when asked if rappers should refrain from being critical in song of Obama and his administration. “One thing about being an American is that we have the freedom of speech. One thing about being a citizen is that you have the right to criticize your president. That’s the whole point of a democracy is that it’s run by the people, and the people decide and choose what the policy is and who the people are that implement that policy. And with a person like Barack Obama, we have to hold him to a higher standard than we would normally, because of who he is and what he represents to so many people. This is an opportunity that has never been given before to a person of color. And because of that opportunity, and the many opportunities that are possibly to follow, he has to do very well and do right by us.”

“At the same time,” he added, “we as a nation have to really get into understanding how politics works and that there are certain things that he can do and certain things that he can’t do.”

Bun’s rap peers appear to be in agreement with that sentiment, that while much is expected of an Obama administration, artists and fans alike must be fair and practical in their critiques of the new president.

“It’s just like anything else, man, you gotta pick your arguments,” said Consequence. “You gotta pick the issues that you need to be addressing…I think we just have to pick the appropriate pain to make issues out of.”

“This is early,” AZ reminded. “All this is brand new, so we just trying to see that he’s in position for the right reasons at the end of the day. I know everybody’s happy that he’s there, but we still got years of suffering and pain and this one move is just one move. So we trying to see is it a concrete move, is it serious, is it genuine. We made history with the face, but now with everything else behind it [we have to] just make sure it’s legit.”

The ability of Hip Hop artists to challenge that legitimacy has already come under attack with the condemnation by some of “PolitricKKKs,” the latest politically charged offering from dead prez, wherein which the duo label Obama a “corporate sellout” and basically suggest he is not a grand agent of change, but merely a politician like any other.
“Well, Ralph Nader also said that Obama’s gonna have to choose whether he’s gonna be an Uncle Sam and essentially unite a nation, or an Uncle Tom and become a corporate tool,” said Killer Mike. “And I think that there’s merit in what M-1 and Stic[Man] say, and there’s merit in what Nader says. Before you jump down on these [critics of Obama] be weary, a lot of times the people that say the thing the loudest and it sounds the rudest, if you’ll only quiet your own mind it’ll make sense.”

“It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust Obama,” Mike added, “but everything has to be questioned…Like [Obama] said, he’s the president of us all. And because of that he has to answer to us all. He’s just as accountable to M1 and Stic as he is to anyone that supported the Obama campaign.”

In a culture whose most consistent call to action during the war mongering George W. Bush presidency was for the Hip Hop community to “make it rain,” it is unlikely that artists will regain their political backbone anytime soon and “Fight The Power,” especially when the power is now being overseen by a man almost every Hip Hop artist of record has dedicated a name-drop or even a full song to in the last year.

However, the artists DX spoke to insist that their rap peers carry on the tradition of protest that came to define Hip Hop during its golden era, even though “my president is black.”

Economy and energy reforms, job creation, unfair prison sentencing, and Assata Shakur being able to return from exile in Cuba are all issues Killer Mike will be watching to see if Obama gives priority to.

AZ agreed with Mike’s call to reform the criminal justice system, and the need for further adjustments of the Rockefeller drug laws. The Visualiza is also interested in seeing if Obama delivers on his promised tax cut, and encourages him to pursue legislation to increase the ability of minorities to obtain small business loans.

“The first thing that’s always looked at in a presidency is the first 100 days,” Bun B reminded. “[And] I think Obama’s first 100 days are gonna be scrutinized more than any president in history. So people need to understand that the problems that affect our economy right now can’t be absolutely solved [immediately].”

Consequence is less interested in the creation of specific legislation, or a timeline to deliver on campaign promises, but rather just wants to witness a return to a more promising, hopeful time in our country.

“Really putting back and making America what it’s supposed to be,” he explained, “where the average man can hope to succeed and do above-average things…And I think with the last 8 years some of that hope has evaporated because of the blatant robbery that we were being all subjected to.”

“I just wanna see him implicate everything that he spoke about,” said AZ. “I know it’s not gonna be easy, being all the obstacles he had to get past and there’s so much more to go. He got my vote, so we gon’ see what it do.”

For now though the artists DX spoke to are postponing dedication of too much thought to future policy concerns to enjoy this historical moment, a long fought journey that will be capped in January, when a black family will begin residing in The White House, which was constructed using African slave labor in the 1790’s.

“I’ve just never been more proud to be an American,” said Killer Mike. “And I don’t mean an African-American. I don’t mean someone who was brought here, was a descendent of slaves in America. I mean I am just an American. And I can honestly say that is something I never thought I’d feel like in my entire lifetime, to be an American without a hyphen in front of it.”

Stax Brix - Stepping Stone

Stax Brix could just be another hustler from the heartbeat but the Rapper/ Street Poet has risen above expectations. The self made artist started his own label Dirty Pockets Productions to push his brothers (Balla P) music. When Balla P was incarcerated for armed robbery and sentenced to ten flat he had to adjust his plans. He decided to move from behind the scenes and fill the void in front of the mic himself. Overcoming and adapting to unexpected hardships has become a skill and part of his survival. Never wanting to be in the spotlight himself Stax spends the majority of his time helping artist & political causes through his promotion company. Stax tries to bridge the gap between current events and the powers that be. A near impossible mission in today's politically correct culture and mindless bubble gum rap. Part of Stax Brix rise is due to his emphasis on new media and creating his own buzz. A skilled promoter who argues like a politician. The right mindset and a new approach has Stax starting the year with several opportunities.


New Music From BRICC of STG Productions!

Super-producer Bricc has created a seven track mixtape "Get In The Mood" (The Unofficial Joe Budden remix mixtape). You can download the mixtape here at DatPiff.com Here

The mixtape consists of seven remixes of songs off of the most recent Joe Budden mixtape "Mood Muzik 3" including songs such as "Dear Diary", "Send Him Our Love" and "Family Reunion".

Triangle Offense Promotions

M1 Speaks About New Dead Prez Album

Peep M1 from Dead Prez talk about their new album called Information Age. He also says he gave Immortal Technique his political steez.Spotted at: YoRapper.comM1 Speaks About New Dead Prez AlbumSimilar Posts:Nasir Speaks About the New Album with AngieM.I.A. Talks About Becoming More PopularSean Hannity Says “Ludacris is a Radical”Video: Stic.Man of Dead Prez [...]

Jim Jones is a Jay-Z Fan

Jim Jones is showing his love to Jay-Z-Hip Hop Videos/ Jay-Z, Jim Jones


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Shawty, You can vote however you like

“Obama on the left, McCain on the right/We can talk politics all night/And you can vote however you like”Awww…how nice it is to see a bi-partisan coalition of kids not old enough to vote urging grown-ups to go ahead and exercise their constitutional right.


[Source: The Rap Up - Posted by FreeAutoBlogger]

Lil Wayne Talks New Album And Fatherhood

Lil Wayne discusses the birth of his son, and the rebirth of Tha Carter III


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J-Hood - 5 Minute Freestyle (Jadakiss Diss)

Former D-Block member, J-Hood, shoots a video for his Jadakiss diss record 5 Minute Freestyle.Spotted at: YoRapper.comJ-Hood - 5 Minute Freestyle (Jadakiss Diss)Similar Posts:One Block Radius - You Got MeJadakiss - A Milli DubAce Hood featuring Trey Songz - RideMaino - Hi Haters (Remix)Peedi Crack - Sweet Dreams (Letter to Jay-Z)


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Dont let this happen to you

This hilarious web commercial is Obama’s way of warning his supporters about the danger of celebrating before the race is won. Apparently, Obama’s camp got the idea from this video.


[Source: The Rap Up - Posted by FreeAutoBlogger]

Video Kardinal Offishall Number One (Feat. Keri Hilson)

Video Kardinal Offishall Number One (Feat. Keri Hilson) Video For Kardinal Offishall "Numba 1 (Tide Is High) Featuring Keri Hilson" Off Of "Not 4 Sale" In Stores Now !-Hip Hop Videos

Q-Tip Move

By Konsept (10/16/2008):
"And so the fascination for the 80's lives on with the single off of Q-Tip's 'The Renaissance' called "Move". I can say the video idea does make sense if you know where the sample of the song comes from...

De La Soul, M1 and Jay Electronica Talk Voting

Jay Electronica, M1 of dead prez, Maseo of De La Soul recently took time out to weigh in on getting over the stigma of voting.

With the 2008 election a little over a week away, Jay Electronica spoke on the distrust many have of the electoral process and Maseo expressed “hope” for the future, but it was M1 who took the boldest stance.

“If you ask me about what its gonna be, how important it is to choose wisely, I say choose independently,” M1, a Cynthia McKinney supporter says. “I say choose self determination. That’s not on Obama’s ballot, that’s not on McCain’s ballot. For us we need to make a stake for the future and a new identity.”

Check out the video

Large Pro Music Video

Off of Large Pro's Main Source comes a video for the single "Hot: Sizzlin', Scorchin', Torchin', Blazin'".

Sway Speaks On Veteran Issues & MTV Benefit

MTV's Sway Calloway checks in to discuss the role of military veterans in Hip Hop.


[Source: HipHopDX.com > - Posted by FreeAutoBlogger]

Aubrey ODay Speaks On Being Kicked Out Of Diddys Bed!

If you caught the season finale of Making The Band Part 10, you’ll know that Aubrey got the boot from Dainty Kane -which if you ask me benefits her the most because she was the star of that manufactured group anyway.

Eminem Named Best Rapper Alive

Eminem has been voted the Best Rapper Alive in a new poll by Vibe magazine. He was named number one by readers in an online survey. Eminem beat Jay-Z to the title in the final round of voting with 69 per cent but he doesn’t think any single rapper deserves the title.

“It’s obviously an honour to have won the fans’ support by being voted the Best Rapper Alive. I don’t think that there is any one rapper that is simply the best, though. Everyone who was in consideration and many others are the best at certain things, and at what they do. But since Vibe’s offering the distinction, hell yeah, I’ll accept !”

Before I Self Destruct Trailer (Starring 50 Cent)

Here’s the trailer for that ghetto mess Boo Boo has been passing off as a movie. He figured that by naming so-called movie after his new album, Before I Self Destruct, he could confuse a handful of G-Unit stans into buying one or the other.

Ya Boy Injured in Motorcycle Accident, full recovery expected

We just got word that rapper “Ya Boy” was in a serious motorcycle accident and was hospitalized yesterday - he sustained severe injuries to his arms, legs, and stomach. He is unable to walk for the time being, but is expected to make a full recovery - everybody keep him in your prayers.

Video: Royce Da 5' 9? & DJ Premier on Shake This

Isn’t this from the leak he had this summer?

I thought he said the finished product wouldn’t sound like this…

Either way though, this song is dope. Can’t wait for the vid.

New! Jedi Mind Tricks - Monolith

Over the past 12+ years, the name Jedi Mind Tricks has become
synonymous with raw, gritty underground hip-hop. With November 11th's
6th studio release, "A History of Violence," Vinnie Paz, beat maestro
Stoupe and long estranged "partner in rhyme" Jus Allah reunite,
rekindling the spirit of their last collaborative full length, 1998's
renowned classic "Violent By Design." A mature masterpiece, Jedi's
signature style continues to evolve as the group moves self-assuredly
into their second decade as undisputed leaders within the independent
hip-hop landscape; their unique sound, and the movement that it has
spawned, is responsible for no less than the genesis of an entire
sub-genre of music.

And now Jedi Mind Tricks has returned with a renewed vigor. With the
first single, "Monolith," Stoupe laces sultry vocals upon a
head-nodding drum line, setting the backdrop for Vinnie's politically
and socially incendiary lyrical delivery (political sentiment also
served to inspire the album title and accompanying cover imagery).

And for the first time in years, the duo's inimitable sound is rounded
out by the fiery vocals of erstwhile member Jus Allah. Re-united and
reconstituted, this is the Jedi Mind Tricks that both captivated a
generation and paved the way for a flourishing sub-culture of hardcore
independent hip-hop.

Video: New 50 Cent Get Up Sucks Balls

50 Cent has leaked the first single to Before I Self Destruct and it is probably the worst song I have ever heard. I really thought Fifty would have learned his lesson from the atrocity that was Curtis but apparently not. [Sidebar: Swizz Beatz produced this? WTF]

Black Mafia Family Story Rights Sold For Television

After the success of Frank Lucas' story evolving to American Gangster , another urban drug saga may be coming to screens in upcoming years. The Black Mafia Family, a nationwide ring of high-volume cocaine distributors, better known as BMF, has been sold to DuBose Entertainment.

Announced today, the terms of the sale were not made public. However, a statement from the company declared that a TV series, similar to The Wire, was being scripted. The statement also alluded to a film script in development as well.

Per DuBose' report, "Brothers Demetrious 'Big Meech' Flenory and Terry Flenory were sentenced to 30 years in prison for operating a multi-state criminal enterprise involving cocaine distribution. 'Big Meech,' the leader of the notorious BMF, lived a lavish lifestyle that he generously shared with his members garnering him a level of notoriety and celebrity status usually reserved for hip hop royalty. Authorities estimate the operation began in Detroit during the 1990s and eventually expanded to Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, California and Texas."

Meech had been widely known in Hip Hop for his close association with Young Jeezy as well as BMF Entertainment's own artist Bleu DaVinci.

"This is a complex crime story that weaves elements of humanity, a strong family bond, street-level survival and opulence with real consequences," says James DuBose. "The acquisition of the Black Mafia Family story reflects my mission to pursue contemporary and authentic stories."

DuBose also recently announced a partnership with Disturbing Tha Peace's Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon on their own venture Ebony Son Entertainment.

Kim Kardashian to replace injured Misty?

KIM K SEX TAPKim Kardashian might be returning to Dancing With the Stars to replace the injured Misty May-Treanor. She should go back to being a jump off.

Kim was eliminated from the show last week. But looks like she might get a second chance.

According to ABC: “[Misty's] condition will be addressed on the show,” and Kim is not officially confirming that she is back in if Misty is out, but when contacted by E! News, Kardashian (who is in New Orleans for boyfriend Reggie Bush’s Monday Night Football game at the Superdome) says: “If they ask me to, I’m available. I’m back home tomorrow. We’ll see!”

Misty suffered an Achilles tendon injury on Friday.

Producers released a statement saying, “Doctors will reevaluate her condition on Monday and determine the outcome of her participation on the show.”

They voted untalented people off for a reason and let’s face it, Kim has no talent whatsoever.

Why put her and us through the whole thing again?

Kim should just go back and do what she’s good at.

Jedi Mind Tricks: A History of Violence & Free Mp3

On November 11th, Vinnie Paz, Stoupe, and Jus Allah reunite to bring you A History of Violence, the first Jedi Mind full-length collaborative since 1998's Violent By Design. You can download "Monolith" off the album here by right clicking and hitting "Save As" or "Download File":
Jedi Mind Tricks - 'Monolith

You can also catch Jedi Mind on the road by attending one of their upcoming shows in promotion of their new album.

Jedi Mind A History of Violence Tour Dates:

10/24/08: Cambridge, MA @ Middle East
10/25/08: Portland, ME @ TBA
10/26/08: South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
10/28/08: Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
10/30/08: Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
10/31/08: Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
11/03/08: Las Vegas, NV @ Jillian's
11/05/08: Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst
11/06/08: San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
11/07/08: Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda Theatre
11/08/08: San Diego, CA @ Canes Bar & Grill
11/09/08: Tempe, AZ @ Clubhouse Music Venue
11/11/08: Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
11/13/08: San Antonio, TX @ TBA
11/14/08: Austin, TX @ Emo's
11/15/08: New Orleans, LA @ The Parish at House of Blues
11/17/08: Orlando, FL @ The Social
11/20/08: Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
11/21/08: Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox
11/23/08: Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
11/24/08: Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
11/25/08: New York, NY @ The Blender Theatre at Gramercy
11/26/08: Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero Theater

2Pac Producer Johnny J Dies Tragically In Jail

It has been reported that seminal 2Pac producer Johnny "J" Jackson died Friday in a Los Angeles jail, from what's being considered as a suicide.

Per reports, the '90s Hip Hop producer threw himself from an upper level at Los Angeles County Jail, killing himself on impact. Jackson was incarcerated from DUI charges.

Beginning with 1994's Thug Life single, "Pour Out A Little Liquor," the Mexican-born, Los Angeles-raised producer began producing records for Tupac Shakur. Prior, he had worked with bilingual rapper Candyman, as well as his own Solar Records release I Gotta Be Me.

After work on Thug Life, Above The Rim Soundtrack and Me Against The World, Johnny J assumed the role as Tupac's lead producer after his release from prison and subsequent signing to Death Row Records. There, Jackson, due to his similar work ethic, worked extensively with Shakur.

In the final year of Shakur's life, Johnny J would produce controversial diss record "Hit 'Em Up," single "All About U" as well as posthumous mega-hit "Until The End Of Time."

After 2Pac's death in 1996, Johnny J remained an supervisor with Interscope and Death Row in collecting, remixing and upholding the slain rapper's material. He remained close with The Outlawz [click to read] and Thug Life members, producing for Big Syke on 2001's Big Syke Daddy album and more recently with Napoleon. Jackson also produced for Bizzy Bone [click to read] as well as Mack 10's then-artist CJ Mac.
Real Rap Newz extends our condolences to Jackson's family and fans.

VidzKing Of Rap

Dear Chain Snatchers

Yung Berg knows all too well how cold it is in the D, but it's all love as far as he's concerned. Check out this YouTube clip of him speaking on the now infamous chain snatching incident.

Big Pun Documentary

New Big Pun Documentary coming soon, entitled Big Pun: The Legacy, courtesy of director Vlad Yudin and producer Edwin Mejia. This documentary focuses mainly on Big Pun the emcee. It is a much needed project due to the 2003 documentary called "Still Not A Player" which documented more of Big Pun's personal life (which wasn't too positive for his fans who wasn't aware of his personal life). Along with Liza Rios (Big Pun's widow), featured artists to make a cameo are Raekwon, Cuban Link, Xzibit, DJ Enuff, Armageddon, Snoop Dogg, and many more.XXLmag.com, , has an exclusive interview with Vlad about the DVD and the man it was done for. Click here for the interview.

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

50 Cent & De Niro - Righteous Kill

50 Cent & Robert De Niro talking about their upcoming movie

Video Lil Kim Nipple Slip

Video Lil Kim Has A Wardrobe Malfunction "Nipple Slip" At Her Hot 97 Reggae Tip Performance ! Rodney reports "Wyclef Brought out Movado to do his first performance in over a year last night, then brought out Lil Kim. Side note, Lil Kim lets her shit pop out as usual, but she kills it anyway" Her wardrope malfunction happens around the 0:21-24 sec mark of the

Brandy: "Right Here"

Brandy: "Right Here"

Brandy's back!

Bristol Palin Photos: Guns, Booze and Girl-on-Girl Action

New pictures of Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter, 17-year-old Bristol Palin, have emerged, and it looks like this girl is one who hows to have a blast ...

Sometimes literally! Whether she's playing with firearms or posing with baby daddy Levi Johnston and other pals, Bristol's life is a non-stop party.

So is the problem video games, Rap, and Movies or POLITICIANS?

At heart, the Republican V.P. nominee's daughter is your typical All-American girl: hunting, pregnant and drinking underage (presumably not all at the same time).

Think you can pack heat in the Vice President's residence? We just might find out come January. Click to enlarge the Bristol Palin pictures below!

Rapper DMX Drops F-Bomb to Judge, Walks Out of Court

Rapper DMX, in court for one of his many recent arrests, tells a Miami-Dade judge what he thinks of his ruling to not release him on bond.

Balla P - Life Of A Jack Boy - Sneek Peak

The Dirty Click has been busy since the release of Balla P. After serving 6 years for armed robbery he has made quick work. The world is shining on the Dirty Click and there looking to carve out a chunk of the business with there latest projects. P is vicious in the booth and can be heard ripping these tracks.

Balla P - Regardless
hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=6835350&q=hi

Balla P ft Stax Brix - Full Clip
hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=6835414&q=hi

Stax Brix - Stepping Stone

hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=6835262&q=hi

50 Cent Speaks To Investigators Regarding House Fire

50 Cent joins Suffolk County authorities to review findings of this fire investigation.


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John Legend & Andre 3000 - Green Light Video

Leadoff video from John Legend’s 3rd go-round, Evolver, due October 28th.



[Source: The Rap Up - Posted by FreeAutoBlogger]

The Game back to Bow Wow: "I Will Beat Your..."

The Game back to Bow Wow: "I Will Beat Your..."

The Game responds to Bow Wow's Madden challenge


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T.I. + Jay-Z + Kanye + Lil Wayne = Swagger Like Us

T.I. - “Swagger Like Us” (feat. Jay-Z, Kanye, & Lil Wayne) “You can go see Weezy for the wordplay, Jeezy for the bird play, Kanyeezy for diversity, and me for controversy.” T.I.’s pulling out all the stops to ensure Paper Trail’s success. How the hell did he manage to fit all those egos on one [...]



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Da Brat Sentenced To Three Years For Altercation

Eight years after handing out bottle service of her own, the So So Def rapper/Vh1 star serves felony time.


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Joe Budden - Padded Room Artwork

It’s a clever idea to restrain Joey with a straitjacket; the man is a beast on the mic, after all. Does this up the ante on Padded Room for you now more than ever?I wonder how many songs from The Growth will make it onto the new set. Ahh, speaking of The Growth, anyone remember [...]



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Heltah Skeltah Put Finishing Touches On D.I.R.T.

Your favorite Brooklyn collective is coming back September 30 with a full length LP. D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team), features 14 new tracks from Heltah Skeltah with production from Illmind, Khrysis, Easy Mo Bee, Stu Bangas, Evidence, and Marco Polo.

Some video has been leaked in promotion of the project - including some early footage of Heltah Skeltah from an early nineties recording session and a back and forth freestyle between Rock and Ruste Juxx.

Tracklist and cover are below.

01. Intro
02. Insane (Produced by Marco Polo)
03. Chipmunk 3000 (Produced by Fatim)
04. Everything Is Heltah Skeltah (Produced by ILL MIND)
05. D.I.R.T. (Another Boot Camp Clik Yeah Song) (Produced by Khrysis)
06. So Damn Tough (Feat. Buckshot & Ruste Juxx) (Produced by ILL MIND)
07. WMD (Feat. Smif N Wessun) (Produced by M-Phazes)
08. That's Incredible (Produced by EZ Mo Bee)
09. Ape Muzik (Feat. The Representativz) (Produced by Stu Bangas)
10. The Art of Disrespekanization (Produced by Khrysis)
11. Hellz Kitchen (Produced by Evidence)
12. Shmack Muzik (Produced by Sic Beats)
13. Twinz (Produced by Ken Ring)
14. Ruck N Roll (Produced by Stu Bangas)
Keywords: Heltah Skeltah; Sean Price; Rock; Ruck

Termanology - Talking to God 2 (Resurrection 08)

Termanology - “Talking to God 2 (Resurrection 08)”
“Just heard the Nas album. My hero is back.” - Term

Termanology must have heard your criticisms the other day, because he’s rhyming as if he’s out to prove a point on this new track.

Term jacks Common’s “Resurrection” and proceeds to make a case for hip-hop’s relevancy while citing a string of rap-related successes. Here’s hoping he can add to the list of positives when Politics As Usual arrives on September 30th.

New Album From Joe Budden Dropping 10/28/08

Joe Budden's highly anticipated sophomore LP Padded Room, will see the light of day on October 28th, Amalgam Digital has announced. The album will be released in stores and online the same day. Look out for the video for "Touch and Go" in a few weeks. Track list for "Padded Room" is below.

1.) Now I Lay
2.) Touch N Go
3.) If I Gotta Go
4.) Blood On The Wall
5.) Don't Make Me
6.) In My Sleep
7.) Outcast
8.) I Couldn't Help It
9.) Do Tell
10.) My Life
11.) Better Me
12.) Just to Be Different
13.) Angel In My Life
14.) Pray For Me

Nas protests Fox coverage of Obama as 'racist propaganda'

rap newsRap star Nas left the studio for the soap box Wednesday, branding Fox News a racist, fear-mongering network with a penchant for attacking Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The hip-hop heavyweight starred in an afternoon protest outside Fox News headquarters on Sixth Ave. near 48th St.

"Calling Michelle Obama Barack's 'baby mama?' Tell me, is that acceptable?" Nas thundered. "But the Obamas aren't the only targets. Fox's pattern of race-baiting and fear-mongering regularly focuses on black leaders, black institutions and ordinary black people."

Nas joined two activist groups, Color of Change and Move On, for the protest. His latest album, "Untitled," features the track "Sly Fox."

"Watch what you watchin'. Fox keeps feedin' us toxin," Nas rhymes.

Boxes filled with petitions signed by more than 600,000 people denouncing the conservative network's alleged racism surrounded the rapper's plywood podium. Nas said he tried to hand over the petitions to Fox Wednesday, but the network turned him down.

A network spokeswoman said, "Fox News believes in all protesters exercising their right to free speech, including Nas, who has an album to promote."

After the "baby mama" graphic appeared last month, the network said a producer "exercised poor judgment" during the segment.

Despite the anti-Fox/pro-Obama publicity, the candidate is not backing away from the network.

Two Fox reporters are traveling with Obama on his Middle East tour, and he is scheduled to sit down with Fox for an interview in London on Saturday, a network source said.

The Obama campaign declined to comment on the protest.

Photo: Nas joined members of MoveOn.org and ColorOfChange.org to protest Fox News coverage of presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West: "Put On"

Young Jeezy shows what the country looks like on his side of the tracks in this clip for "Put On" featuring Kanye West. America, the beautiful?

Nas Reacts To Jesse Jackson's Comments

The recent comments by Jesse Jackson has created quite a stir in both the world of politics and Hip Hop.

On a Fox News broadcast Jackson, who assumed his microphone was off, shared that he wanted to cut Obama's nuts off for [click to read] "talking down to black people."

Recently, rapper Nas shared with MTV his opinion on Jackson's comments.

"I think Jesse Jackson, he's the biggest player hater," Nas stated on his recent conference call with the media. "His time is up. All you old n---as, time is up. We heard your voice, we saw your marching, we heard your sermons. We don't wanna hear that sh-- no more. It's a new day. It's a new voice. I'm here now. We don't need Jesse; I'm here. I got this. We got Barack, we got David Banners and Young Jeezys. We're the voice now. It's no more Jesse. Sorry. Goodbye. You ain't helping nobody in the 'hood. That's the bottom line. Goodbye, Jesse. Bye!"

Nas' latest untitled album will be released on July 15 and has already received much publicity due to the album's former controversial title, Nigger.

As promotion for the new album Nas will hold an in store signing at the Union Square Virgin Megastore in New York on July 15.

The first 500 people to buy Nas' latest album on Tuesday (beginning at 9 a.m.) will be given wristbands for the in store event which will take place later in the day
[Source: Hip Hop News from MrMusicWorld .com - Posted by VidzKing - King OF Videos]

New Cesar Comanche Video

Here's Cesar Comanche's new video for "Hands High" off of Die in Your Lap. The video was directed by Michal Niebudek & Marcin Matuszyk.

[Source: Hip Hop News from MrMusicWorld .com - Posted by VidzKing - King OF Videos]

Chamillionaire Returns to Save Houston Hip-Hop with Mixtape Messiah 4

Chamillionaire has been on hiatus for so long I was starting to wonder if Bill O’Reilly had ordered a hit on him. King Koopa’s back though (at least, I think he is). According to his able publicist Nancy, the latest installment in Cham’s Mixtape Messiah series will be out on August 27th. Mixtape Messiah aside, Cham has been keeping busy with collabos, freestyles (see mp3s above), and whatever else rappers do when they’re not busy bitching at their record companies (most of which deserve to be bitched at, by the way).

“It’s raining Benjamins, but that ain’t 3K” - Chamillionaire (”ChaMilli”)

After a bamillion “A Milli” freestyles, I’m not sure how eager you are to hear Chamillionaire’s version. Just in case anyone asks, he absolutely killed it. Plus, it sounds more authentic hearing a Forbes-recognized millionaire named Chamillionaire rhyming over that beat.

What's Ice Cube up to?

The Godfather of gangsta rap, Ice Cube, is gearing up for the release of his eighth solo LP Raw Footage.

Cube has already garnered a buzz with the release of his unofficial single and video “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It,” which was hailed by MTV as the first great song and video of 2008. Now the West Coast rapper is prepping for his August 19 release date through his independently owned label, Lench Mob Records.

The official first single “Do Ya Thang”, produced by Palumbo Beats, is the number one most added single at rhythmic radio.

Cube’s highly anticipated follow up album to the 2006 release of, Laugh Now, Cry Later, will feature such artists like Musiq Soulchild, Young Jeezy, The Game, WC and production by Maestro, Emile, DJ Crazy Toones, Teak “Da Beatsmith” Underdue and Dee Underdue.

Cube will kick off an International tour on July 11th in Leipzig, Germany and end on September 21st in New York City.


July, 2008

11 – Leipzig, Germany – Splash Festival

12 – Frauenfeld, Switzerland – Openair Frauenfeld

14 – London, UK – Electric Ballroom

15 – Tilburg, Netherlands – 013

16 – Amsterdam, Holland – Melkweg

18 – Dour, Belgium – Dour Music Festival

19 – Stuttgart, Germany – MTV Hip Hop Open

21 – Stockholm, Sweden – Kagelbanan

23 – Helsinki, Finland – Helsinki Icehall

25 – Copenhagen, Denmark – KB Hallen

26 – Oslo, Norway – Rockefeller Music Hall

August, 2008

21 - Seattle, WA - Showbox at the Market

22 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater

24 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot

26 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore

27 - Bakersfield, CA - The Fox

29 - Anaheim, CA - The Grove

30 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues

September 2008

1 - West Hollywood, CA - House of Blues

2 - San Diego, CA - 4th and B

3 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre

5 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theatre

6 - Aspen, CO - Belly Up Aspen

7 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre

9 - North Kansas City, MO - Harrah's North Kansas City/Voodoo Lounge

10 - St. Paul, MN - Myth

12 - Fort Wayne, IN - Piere's

13 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues

14 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues

16 - Mt. Clemens, MI - Emerald Theatre

17 - Johnson City, NY - Magic City Music Hall

19 - Philadelphia, PA - The Fillmore at Theater of Living Arts

21 - New York, NY - The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza

Watch Ice Cube's video for "Do Ya Thang"

[Source: Music News inFlorida - Posted by Miami Events Pro]

Dave Chappelle To Appear At Kevin Powell Rally

Today (July 9) comedian Dave Chappelle will make another one of his rare appearance's at an event for Democratic Congressional candidate Kevin Powell.

Powell, a former Real World-er jumped into politics at a young age and has since served as a political activist, poet, journalist, essayist, Hip Hop historian, public speaker, and entrepreneur.

As of recently, Powell has been campaigning to gain a seat in the United States Congress in the 10th Congressional District in Brooklyn, New York.

"I've decided to do this because, as some of you know, I have been a public servant, in some form, for two decades, since my days as a teenage student leader at Rutgers University," Kevin Powell states on his website. "I am completely committed to the ideals of freedom, justice, and equality, in America, and on this planet, and I am proof that much can be achieved if we are determined to make a change, personally and politically."

The event will be deejayed by DJ Reborn and there will be a special performance by Emily King.

Video: Ice Cube - Do Your Thang Video

This is the rough cut of Ice Cube’s “Do Your Thang” music video.

Chicago Hip Hop Veteran Returns

Fans of Chicago rap scene before it blew up may remember Malik Yusef, for his work early in the career of Kanye West and Common. Yusef, earning more acclaim as a poet in recent years, dropped a new track today, which can be downloaded here. Rumors has circulated that he will be dropping a full length album before the end of 2008 on Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint, and the leak of this track makes those rumors seem more like the truth. No info on who produced the track.

David Banner Talks Upcoming Album, Almost Dying & More

David Banner's album has been on hold for quite some time now. People have been curious has to what's been going on with The Greatest Story Ever Told. Banner recently revealed what has been going on with his life over the past year.

“A year ago, the day before Father’s Day, my father passed. Six people that I’ve been close to, including Pimp C from UGK and Static Major have died. I was twenty one points from diabetes. When people see I lost fifty pounds they thought I was trying to get sexy. I am! But that wasn’t the point,” Banner explained with a hint of humor backstage during the 2008 BET Awards.

“I had high blood pressure and I also had sleep apnea. And with those conditions the doctor said I was about to die," Banner continued. "I think in that time I’ve become a man. I’ve spent seven months helping Katrina victims and growing as a person. When The Greatest Story Ever Told comes out on July 15th, it won’t be a boy rapping. I’ve become a man. I’m going to make y’all proud.”

Many may have known that Banner was dealing with one issue or the other but it wasn't very well know that the conditions combined were life threatening. Regardless, Banner has put all of his experiences over the past year into the upcoming album and says that this is his greatest effort yet.

“I read a review of my album the other day that said The Greatest Story Ever Told was the best album since The Fugees The Score but nobody would give me the proper credit because I was from Mississippi. One thing I can say about my album is that since we have been begging for quality in music, it is here.”

Look for The Greatest Story Ever Told to finally be released on July 15th on Universal.

Crazy Like A Foxxx Sees Re-Release

Freddie Foxxx's long awaited Crazy Like A Foxxx album is finally seeing the light of day. Fat Beats records is preparing to drop the shelved classic on July 29th of this year. The 1994 Freddie Foxxx sophomore release was mysteriously shelved by the label after promotional cassettes and vinyl were sent to radio and press. The existing copies of the album have been fetching serious $$$ on ebay and at trade shows for the last fourteen years - and it has achieved an almost cult like following amongst rare hip hop record collectors and diggers alike.

According to their article: "The initial 1993 demo version of Crazy Like A Foxxx features production exclusively from D.I.T.C.'s Showbiz, Lord Finesse and Buckwild. As an added treat for listeners, Fat Beats and Foxxx have included these unheard versions on the bonus disc of the two CD set, also available digitally. The emcee, who released his debut album in 1989, added, "The D.I.T.C. version got turned down by Flavor Unit. I actually liked it better, but I had to go and produce [the album] myself, and that was the [version] they accepted. A lot of emails and MySpace blogs were comin' in about how people liked the Crazy Like A Foxxx album. I was [thinking] I don't know how they like it if it was never put out. Somebody leaked it on a cassette, and people were just listening to the raggedy old, nasty-soundin' cassette version. I said, 'You know what? Let me just put it out.' It's really about the fans all day."

Wale Drops New Video

Wale is continuing his ever-growing buzz and movement, without even dropping an official album (that will come this fall). Below is the video for "The Artistic Integrity," a single from his new mixtape The Mixtape About Nothing.

Russell Simmons Ordered to Pay $40K Per Month For Child Support

Hip hop magnate Russell Simmons will probably be going hard to find some lucrative business investments in the near future, as his divorce from Kimora Lee will cost him a whopping $480,000 a year in child support.

According to TMZ, the founder of Def Jam and Phat Farm will have to pay $40,000 a month for his daughters, or $20K per child. According to the documents in the case, Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki, 5, will see their father with the accompaniment of a nanny and a pre-determined authority at all times, whom will be named by Kimora Lee.

The documents also specify exactly how long Simmons will have to make the payments:

“Child support in the amount of Twenty Thousand ($20,000) Dollars per month per child continues as to each child until a child is emancipated, reaches the age of nineteen and one half years (July 21, 2019 for Ming Lee; February 16, 2022 for Aoki Lee), dies, marries, becomes self-supporting, is no longer residing with [Kimora Lee], joins the armed forces, is otherwise legally emancipated, or until further order of the Court, whichever occurs first.”
­ The president and creative director of Baby Phat has sole physical custody of the girls, and Simmons will be able to see them for pre-arranged visits. Simmons will be able to see his daughters every two months, besides holidays such as Father’s Day and his birthday.

According to the documents, “the children shall be with [Simmons] every eighth week from Saturday at 9:00 a.m. until the following Saturday at 6:00 p.m.”

Lee and Simmons separated in March of 2006 and filed for divorce this year citing irreconcilable differences.

Hustle Simmons' New Grind

June 24th marks the debut release for Dave Ghetto and Tha S Ence's new collaborative project, Hustle Simmons.

Break Bread Projects introduces Hustle Simmons with the self-titled debut album, available on iTunes and online worldwide through FMS Digital Distribution on June 24th.
Comprised of veteran MC Dave Ghetto and crafty beatsmith Tha S Ence, Hustle Simmons has ears opened to their authentic, mainstay sound of sample-driven melodies and deep drum production complimented by gritty wordplay, smooth swagger, and uncanny lyricism, served in the form of an 11-track album. Their lead single, "Over and Out" featuring Buff1 and DJ Cru Cut, has creeped into tastemakers' selection and bloggers pages and continues making notable presence. DJ Cru Cut is called again on "Get Down," adding to the spectrum of guest appearances which also includes Al Mighty, Richie Rasheen, and Fel Sweetenberg. A bonus hit music video for "The Rundown" is set to premier by week's end.

"It's that new millennium boom-bap! Welcome to the Digital Underground." – Dave Ghetto

The listening party is set for Thursday, June 26th at the prominent Philly jam, Ill! Makaniks (at The Barbary) with special guests DJ Statik, DJ Sat One, and DJ Skipmode, and sponsored by 215hiphop.com. This South Jersey/Philly connect is planning a national tour scheduled for early Fall. In the meantime, Hustle Simmons can be found performing in and around major cities in the Northeast where exclusive, limited edition copies of their album will be available.

Lead single, "Over and Out" available here-

Young Buck is a Cry Baby

Despite all his tough talk on wax Young Buck was reduced to tears when talking to Boo Boo on the phone. Apparently, he wants to be reinstated into G-Unit, but that doesn’t seem likely. Instead, 50 Cent will milk this for what it’s worth until he’s done promoting T.O.S. 50 barely interrupted him which should have been a dead giveaway that he was recording the conversation. Buck Marley is a dope rapper and all, but this right here is a low for him.